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I was recently thumbing through a book and there was a ritual that is designed to "activate" a statue, in this case of Hecate. I know most Pagans cleans their ritual statues in some way and use i as a representation of a deity, but this seemed to try and take it a step beyond that making it a power object/ focal point for the deity. My question is do any of you do something similar? How do you ritually prepare statues if you do? Do you take it a step beyond just cleansing them?

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I suppose so. Jehovah might get pissed lol!

Also I know of a lot of Chaos magicians who have used physical objects to create thought forms but I am not entirely sure that's the same thing.

Actually the whole golden calf thing reminded me of another book, Totem Magic by Yasmine Galenorn. In is she talks about a ritual designed to invoke an animal spirit into an "anchor" object for it like a statue. In her example she had a stags skull I believe. It's not a deity but still.  

I dunno but that sounds really interesting :)
I'll try to get a little research done and report back :)

Well that's part of the reason why I have started this thread. I have heard people casually use the phrase but not much in the way of how it is actually done. In the case of the book it's called Reclaim the Power Of The Witch by Monte Plaisance if anyone is interested. The ritual is called empowering a statue in this case. Honestly I think the book is a mixed bag in my humble opinion. 

Actually it kind of did. The only part I found really strange was allowing 3 white mice (don't now if they are blind) crawl over the statue as part of the ritual. To each their own of course though.

Well I like mice and everything but  my only concern is to what to do with them after.

I know but  I had an awful mice problem in my house once. It frickin sucked.

Sounds like a "shortcut" to imbue a generic ritual item with a specific power...I suppose it could work if you can muster enough intent...... but I prefer to make mine by hand or "charge" them through the course of repeated use....the more you work with it the more "powerful" it becomes.... if you can't make it yourself than I would at least try to purchase something which was produced by another Pagan artisan.

I have owned many items which were significant to me by virtue of their exposure to a single but especially traumatic or emotional event.... for example; a stone from deep inside the "devil's den" at Gettysburg or a piece of white pine from a tree split by lightning or even a bit of ash from a particularly energized ritual fire.... I like to incorporate these sorts of things into my own handmade items whenever I can or even just keep them in a sort of talismanic pouch.... but I would find it difficult to convince myself that a single ritual could convey that sort of "power" to a store bought item. And to me that's really what it's all about... focusing intent through symbolic significance..... a significance gained through intense emotion or repetitive use.

I suppose it depends on what your specific threshold for imbuing significance is. If it works for you then I say go for it! Of course... I'm more of an animistic Pantheist than a Polytheist so...... that's just my opinion take it or leave it:)

I've never heard of this outside of the Kemetic tradition where we call the process of activation "opening the mouth".

The Opening of the Mouth Ceremony is a big deal, and I've met maybe one Kemetic in my three years that has an Open statue. An Open statue indicates a very strong dedication and attachment to the deity represented by that statue.

The process of Opening a statue is long and arduous. Basically, you perform a rite that makes the statue more alive so that it can be a more effective vessel for deity.

Someday, I think I might like an open statue for Bast, but that's waaaaaaay in the future. At this point, I just cleanse and bless the statue, then I press an ankh against the statue's mouth.

I'm not sure if the author of this activation write has the same intentions, of course. Different theology and all that.

I have definitely heard of the opening of the mouth ceremony but is was on some History Channel type show. I wasn't aware that some people still reconstruct it. It must be a pretty amazing process.

The rite in whole can be found in Richard Reidy's "Eternal Egypt". It is quite an amazing process that requires a whole crapload of ritual supplies, actions, and words.


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