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So I've been looking at their website a lot and I'm thinking of joining the Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). Does anyone have any experience with them? Any insight as to the quality of their material?

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Sorry for not replying to your post sooner, my PS browsing habits are spotty lately.

I'm a ADF member, have been for a year, so I might be able to answer your questions.

This link might help you out.


Every new member gets the dedicant manual. Which is a well written resource for new members.

It teaches you pretty much everything you need to know to complete the Dedicant path.

There is a weekly online class taught by one of the senior druids that helps people along the Dedicant path, if you work better in that kind of a setting.


There are different levels within the ADF.

Basic Membership. The first level, requires nothing more than applying and paying the dues.

Dedicant. Second level. Takes a year of study. And yes, there is homework.

Initiate. Third level. A lot more study and work. Its just a step below priesthood.

Then there is Clergy. About as high as it goes. Comparable to High Priest/ess in other faiths.


Sorry, I guess I kinda prattled on.

Any specific questions you have, Just ask.

Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention.

In ADF, the god's are distinct entities, they are not aspects of a divine energy, or aspects of the Lord and Lady, as in some pagan faiths.

Also, mixing pantheons is frowned upon.

I have been a basic member since 2004 and could not be happier. I have grown spiritually a lot in the last 7 years. I am a solitary living  close to a grove with many fine people. People will help you with anything you need to grow in Druidry.

Thanks everyone! I'm happy to say I signed up last night after extensively reading through the basic stuff on the website :)

I also suggest the website if you are interested in celtic culture. I know of a good website for hellenic culture if you go that route.


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