I am a novice and seeking some advice and a guide, a witch, who is wise, perhaps has links to the other world - who could draw along side me and guide me.  I am open to meeting and am a patient learner, loyal and dedicated.  i am not sure where else to look as I live in a rural area in Canada.


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What the hell for?


Might've just ask for a linked partner, which not many would even allow themselves to do. 

What is a linked partner ?

A linked partner is a person who links into your very soul. Everything you do or think your linked partner will experience similarities, also your emotional wave your partner will feel. Not many would do this because it's almost irreversible, it can make the other person insane if separated for too long. 

Watch its Link

While I appreciate your reaching out to others, your query is somewhat vague... Is there a specific area of your life in which you need a hand to hold? Are you just looking for a like-minded person to connect with? Are you needing to vent? Are you experiencing doubt or  confusion, spiritually? Where in Canada do you live, exactly---could whatever you're experiencing be land-based? Are you being treated for any psychiatric issues?   

Some of my questions seem prying, I understand, but these are important questions. The answers will help reveal what kind of connection or healing you need. 

I like helping others, but a little more info would be productive. I happen to be a paranormal investigator, so I'm very thorough. 

Feel free to message me. 

Start with some books.  Practice a little of what you read and take the authors with a grain of salt.  Then go seek out some classes that seem to follow your path. 

Oh, and don't forget festivals.  Looking forward to one this month in Sherman, New York


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