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Howdy all! 

I figured I would give this site a try again. Some folks last time made me feel ridiculed on a topic so I didn't feel so welcome. But i'm hoping for better luck this time. 

I had mentioned in a post before that I felt like I was blocked. Like my energy is blocked up. I've tried numerous times and ways before to try and unblock myself and it never seemed to work so I tried to put it out of my mind. However, the longer I go trying to forget about it and ignore it the worse my anxiety (which is severe) seems to get. I've come to accept that this is something that (despite my husbands trepidation on the topic) I NEED to do. 

Would anyone have any tips, ideas, advice on how I could begin to unblock myself or even start to determine WHY I have this blockage? Energy output is not a problem. (Ask my husband if you don't believe me) It's the ability to sense, see, and feel energies and things. I used to see a lot of things when I was a kid even through highschool. Then one day it was just...gone. Somethings I can still sense, particularly the two spirits that live in my house. One is a young girl, maybe 8 years old, I thought I was going crazy but my mother in law even asked me if I had seen a girl down there out of no where, husband has seen her too. The other is a man, he's only been there for maybe a year, he doesn't bother anyone, he just likes to sit outback by the fire pit. They are super distinctive to me for whatever reason. 

Either way, any advice appreciated. I have to figure this out, I have a feeling its the only way im going to be able to finally deal with my anxiety and find some balance.

Best Wishes :) 

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Yes, I understand your scepticism Lizzie, and I did say that this was an approach from a Minoan spiritual perspective, even though we are talking about the ‘Sacred Breast,’ which the article Magena mentions is also one that I found, among others. If you look at ‘my page’ there is a YouTube video that goes into a lot more detail than I can here.

You say that ‘I have never found my breasts to do anything except get in the way of locating my heart and heart chakra’ which suggest to me, like so many other women you are disconnected from your breasts, as the western world has told men by society in magazines and movies that the breasts are there to be used to stimulate male arousal, and not love. The breasts are desirable because they’re inherently beautiful and offer the most sensual and loving energy which naturally, in its true nature wants to feed men, through the mouth, a spiritual energy. This is the unrealized need that men have, and don’t know why, which is the need to worship the goddess.

Has your partner, in a sitting position behind you, ever prayed to Aphrodite and invited her into your heart to receive this energy through your breasts, by holding you until you begin to sob with joy?

There is so much baggage in the female psyche in today’s world that has detracted from the spiritual nature of the breast.

The impressing forces of the planet in their intrinsic nature - both recipients of impression and agents later of the impressing agent are affected in a variety of ways. When we arrive at the human family, this reciprocal activity is blocked by human selfishness; increasing as we age. It is this "interruption of impression" and this "interference with the ethereal circulatory flow" which is responsible for all the various factors which make humanity today what it is. When the free flow of energy, of otherworldly interplay and of spiritual purpose is re-established, upon the outer physical plane, then you become unblocked. Therefore, lessening human selfishness will aid in the unblocking of the ethereal world.

Reading your post, it is clear that you believe and recognize the existence of otherworldly possibilities. Maintaining this belief, even in the eye of criticism from others, is very important in achieving your goals. Do not let others unbelief, or criticism, change your perspective.

What we need now is a woman’s insight on your questions. I’ve noticed that only men have replied thus far.


Jessy, I suspect that when you used a ouija board it was such a long time ago that you had forgotten all about it.

That aside, I would look first for more mundane reasons for your "blockage". Things like any long-term medical problems, medication, hormone imbalance, pregnancy or menapause (if you are old enough) Next consider any stressful emotional factors like divorce, bereavement, unemployment, moving house, getting married or retirement. Then lifestyle choices. Smoking, drinking, eating things you like but they don't agree with you, staying in a job you hate because the pay is good, that type of thing.

Lastly, how do you get on with your in-laws? and your own family? How do they react to people with your "talents"? Does it make them uneasy or do they welcome it?

I hope the above suggestions are of some help.

Hormone imbalance is an issue I have. I have PCOS.

Ok. Think back to when you first felt that something was "not quite right" with your body, before the PCOS was diagnosed. What is the timeline between that and when you first noticed you had a blockage? Next think back to when you first started taking any type of long-term meds. What is the timeline between that and your blockage starting? Are you still on those same meds?

I get similar blockages, so thought I'd chime in with some possible causes :)

  • Strong medications, such as anxiety medications or sleeping pills, can numb your senses, both the standard five physical senses and any other senses you have.
  • Anxiety can cause your brain to try to anchor itself to physical sensations, making more spiritual senses duller.
  • Sometimes your chakras can be under- or over-active. The chakras all align with the major glands and nerve centres of the body, so chakra meditation can help a lot.
  • Children are far more in touch with the spiritual, so as an adult your senses will be a bit weaker.
  • Medical problems such as mental health, hormone issues and thyroid gland issues can get your mind and body out of wack. If in doubt, book a doctors appointment to check that you are as healthy as possible.

Hope this helps :)

I can kinda see what Meridian is talking about.

I believe that if a woman is spiritual she will appreciate her breasts more so than a woman who is not spiritual.

What do I mean, the majority of mainstream women in society today see their breasts only as sex symbol. Just take a look at cosmetic procedure and fashion trends.

But a spiritual woman can appreciate her breasts in a deeper way.

Check out this article to get some ideas of what I mean The Amazing Spiritual Nature Of Breasts


Maybe you can tell us a little more about yourself.

Does you husband have similar abilities?

Did your block begin before or after being married?

What kind of anxiety do you experience, nervous, restless, sensing danger, panic, feeling tired?


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