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My friend has picked up on a negative energy in her boyfriend's house. She's told me that this energy has been messing with her boyfriend's head. Her boyfriend has suffered from depression for years, but lately he's been two different people. He's very irritated and angry at home, but that almost immediately changes when he is away from the house.

My friend practices as well and would like to do a cleansing for her boyfriend's house. She's asked me for help, but I have never done a cleansing. I have come across a few places that were full of negative energy. I've also been "attacked" by a negative force which caused my Amethyst necklace to break in half straight down the middle of the stone. This negativity in her boyfriend's house is strong, but not the strongest I've come across. 

She and I have been discussing to smudge with sage and sweetgrass. We've also discussed creating a protection crystal grid within the house using clear quartz and obsidian. Along with burning some incenses afterwards for positive energy and protection.

I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for us. This is our first cleansing and would like some tips or more ideas about how to go about it.

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sage and sweet grass are very good. I would also do a good old-fashioned house cleaning with plenty of lemon ammonia and the juice of a lemon in the cleaning bucket; negative spirits don't like that smell.

also check out the boyfriend, anything negative going on in his life, any negative habits? negative can begat negative.

open up curtains and drapes, sunlight is a very wonderful thing.

lavender is very calming.

Good Luck, I wish all Peace!


The simplest method I know is Salt and Water. Bless the salt, bless the water, put the salt in the water and bless the house by lightly sprinkling the rooms and doorways from the back to the front. If you can leave the front door open until you've blessed to let what you're driving out leave. Smudging is good as well.

I would suggest a simple moving of all the furniture and perhaps REALLY cleaning all floors. My spirits don't respond to the more sophisticated methods of cleansing probably because my whole family is connected to them within a spaceship system so they can see anything coming. But I wish you the best of luck!




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