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hello, iv asked around a bit but don't seem to be getting any answers. But are there any pagans in Juneau Alaska?

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hmm iv been on that site multiple times and never saw a listing. never thought to put one down. thanks :D

agreed. do you think it may have something to do with the Tlingit and Russian history of conversion to Catholicism? iv been doing a good deal of Tlingit studies in school recently. I heard of one girl at my school who is wicca but im not sure if she transferred to the other highschool. could also prob do with tourism and the stoners n what not. no offense to anyone! just if you think about it, you'd have to go pretty far inland or hiding in the forest to be anywhere away from the crowds n cities.

We were just in Juneau Alaska in May! LOVED it!!

yea Celebration! I actually filmed it live last year, was the first big Tlingit event I ever been to and so many tlingits in one room!! whats cool is the word Tlingit in Tlingit mean " human being " :)

it is a awesome place aint it? though im being baised i never been outside of juneau, yet ^///w//^ sitka is supposed to be gorgeous 


I have been looking for fellow Pagans in Juneau..Look me up sometime!


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