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So I am riffing off of Crowley's "Magick in Theory and Practice" for the title of this thread.

I have just come into a cache of alchemical books and have been reading and studying the historical roots and mysteries behind the progenitor of modern science.  Recently Issac Newtons papers on Alchemy have finally been published after suppression by the Royal Society for years.

Newton was not only a prolific experimenter in the nascent sciences, as well as a deep thinker on theological issues, but it turns out his real passion was Alchemy!  In fact his alchemical interests are what led to his "discovery" of calculus, experiments with light, and his theories on gravity and forces.  This is the "stuff" that modern day "Science" would rather you not know.

Science is the bastard child of Alchemy! I studied Physics, Chemistry and Electrical engineering at University and that fact makes me laugh with delight!

But here are a few interesting observations about the alchemical practice that I want to note down:

1.) Alchemy has the central belief that "As above so Below" and that the Spiritual aspect of the alchemist is as important as the physical aspect, if not more important.

2.) The most prolific scientists (Tesla comes to mind) used alchemical processes to make their discovery and then most of them sort of "wrote that out" of their discoveries or papers.  Tesla, for example would build his experiments and apparatus in his mind first - in complete color and three dimensions. He would get great lightning bursts of inspiration.

I am interested in those here who are perhaps practicing alchemists or who are also interested in this subject.

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The problem is Discrete vs. Holistic thinking. In the west, we’re trained from a fairly early age to think discretely. We see the “whole” as constructed from the “parts”. However, Alchemy is a Holistic science, and thinking holistically we must see the parts as derived from the whole but not constructing it. There is only one Alchemy, but we view it from many different subjective vantage points. In Alchemy, the art of transmutation, the perfecting of the stone is the perfecting of the alchemist, and the perfecting of the alchemist is the perfecting of the stone. However, if you get the stone and alchemist confused as physically the same, then you’ve missed the point because you’re thinking discretely rather than holistically.

I should point out that I’m not disparaging Discrete thinking since it’s also used in most alchemical processes, but it’s only one mode of thinking. Both Discrete and Holistic thinking have their advantages and disadvantages, and they both have their own sets of Gödel lacuna to deal with.

Well, I suspect that in the end that the goal is "The Great Work" of self transformation. But then if you ask what "that" means, you will probably get a whole 'nother list of seemingly contradictory items.

Alchemy is, if nothing else, the art of uniting the opposites.

My personal interest lies in what I refer to as "Electrical Alchemy" - the study of such things as "psionics, radionics, etc," within an alchemical context.

The idea here is that alchemy underlies everything, which is why I was interested in Shawn's ideas about the "underlying code" of the universes software, alchemy is then  the "first science" - but it understood (like quantum physicists are now understanding) that the practitioner cannot be separated from the practice.

Ever since the Roswell incident where the government really got going with black projects, and high technology, we know that there is something big, dark, and well hidden going on in the shadows.  When we explore the secrets of true alchemy and the underlying reality of "reality" we are looking into those same secrets.

There are many who would wish that we do not look into these things, and that just motivates me all the more to look and go as far as possible.

I'm a rebel after all.

You know electricity uses the Hydrodynamic model, and in electricity you have V=IR, which in my thaumaturgics is D=TM (where D is desire, T is thought  flow, and M is memory). In electricity you have P (power) = VI, and in thaumaturgics you have Ψ = DT.

I believe you can measure Ψ using Princeton Eggs (i.e. monitored RNGs).

I also have a clear tie back into quantum interactions. I'm confident that synchronicity, psi, remote-viewing and thaumaturgy are all aspects of the same phenomena, which can be described using Information Theory and a little hydrodynamics.

Okay, maybe it's a little more complex, but you get the idea.


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