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Hello everyone! I'm looking for help from any and everyone. I want to start mixing potions and to do this I need to know a little more about herbs and their uses and which ones are dangerous to ingest. I want to start out making healing, stress relief, and pain relief potions. I need to know which herbs would be the most useful for each and which ones I need to avoid. I also would like some opinions on how I should go about making these...I've never done this before, but I want to specialize in helping others. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Mace is hallucinogenic in large doses, same as nutmeg. They're parts of the same plant - mace is the outer covering of nutmeg. The difference between "high" and "dead" is very, very small, & the side effects - intestinal problems, convulsions, rapid heartbeat, liver damage, the list goes on - are nasty as hell. Overdose is a real risk, because the high takes awhile to kick in. Impatient people tend to take more because they think it's not working, which increases the chance of a fatal overdose. 

Translation - it's not worth it.

Well hell,David puts it on his pizza he makes,sop small amounts are fine,then?.......WHY I asked THANKS!! I didnt know that about nutmeg either. I must study up on herbs! I have too much stuff jumbled in my head,already....

You're welcome. :)

Small amounts - the usual food-type amounts - are fine, no worries. It takes at least several grams, ingested all at once, to cause problems.

Thanks everyone. I'll look it up.

Anna, I sincerely admire your desire to help others. That having been said, I cannot stress this strongly enough - educate yourself before you start mixing & brewing. It's all too easy to hurt, even possibly kill, someone if you don't know what you're doing. For example, one respondent recommended chamomile. What they failed to mention is that chamomile is potentially dangerous for people with asthma or hay fever, & can cause a serious reaction, possibly fatal. It's also contraindicated for pregnant women. Kava was also mentioned; that carries a risk for liver damage and, again, can damage a fetus. You get the picture, I'm sure - herbs aren't "safe" just because they're natural. Besides knowing about the herbs themselves, you also need to understand how they interact with medications a person might be taking, and know their complete medical history. 

Please consider taking classes at your local community college. Many offer classes in herbal medicine for a very reasonable cost; I taught such a class myself, years ago. If you're looking for books to get you started, the works of Penelope Ody are excellent, & easy for a beginner to follow. Paul Beyerl's "Master Book of Herbalism" is another great resource, & includes both medicinal & magical applications for many common herbs. If you need links to online used bookstores, please drop me a note.

Thanks! I will get all the info  can before trying anything. And I would like to see those links!


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