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All witches should have abortions so they don't breed their evil.

All witches should have abortions so they don't breed their evil. This was an e-mail that was recently sent somehow directly to me from someone I will not name. Needles to say it angered me quiet a bit, but it also raised a few questions. With all the info out there these days with womens right to choose, I began to wonder specifically about the wiccan and witch view on abortion, since it was never a discussion amongst my teachers. So to get  overall view I'm asking.

What as a witch/wiccan is your view of abortion?

What do you feel should be more or less public about it within wicca/occult communities?

Should we set a standard in regards to it? Why?

How d you fee it impacts the rede? The three-fold law?

What should we do regarding haters such as the e-mail I recieved?

Do you or anyone you know experience a negative or positive result after having an abortion within the pagan community?


A NOTE HERE: As of 5/30/11, since this discussion developed a side topic off the original I have set up a seperate discussion on this. Karma, Three-Fold Law, Aferlife and Consequences. This can be found in the general discussions area. Thankyou!

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Possibly true and good luck with them.
Why on earth would a terminated fetus CARE?!  Do you think it has the capacity to reason?  And if you're talking about teh Soul, why would IT care?  It just goes back to the business of being reincarnated and getting another crack at things.
A child was created, it has its place in space and time, and to return to the reincarnation cycle, there are many versions of reincarnation, some say that you can go back but why would you want to? another interpretation says that we are the children of gods and in the fullness of time we will assume the nature of our parents and that life is like a river, you can paddle up stream but that's not where you're going! I suspect many women, and men, are in for a very nasty shock!

Please supply you source for this quote...


Thanks in advance...

That doesn't answer the question.


WHY would the aborted fetus/soul CARE?  What's your reasoning?  How do you come by it?  And how do you know that you aren't projecting your own feelings on the aborted fetus/soul?

I have 2 friends who had the sense/image of the unborn contact them in dream or meditation, some time after the fact. That soul had a purpose & came forward lovingly & wanted the would have been mother to be aware & know there had been a bond. Yet each was willing & happy to move on.  The capacity to reason is not with the fetus, but the soul preparing to incarnate, I believe. For both women there was a sense of completion & greater peace within
To finish this story off, she asked that her brothers and sisters be told of her and to tell them she would visit them in dreams.

So you "channeled" this information ?


And just why should I , or any others ,

place any belief in it , other than it came

through your personal filters , shaped by

your grief , and pain , and judgement ?


Please help us understand why you feel

you are right , and have the right to judge

others , or tell them what to do ?


Not saying they are right , either...


But any psychiatrist would say you were

delusional due to grief...;)

The xtian bible is full of sick bastards, why else would JC have had to come and "fulfill" the prophesies? Kids aren't "disposable packaging", when the egg and sperm join neither die, the kid is your chance of physical immortality, assuming your worthy of immortality!

Assuming you , your Jesus , or some daddy in the sky ,

is worthy to judge , if one even believes in them...:)


They would be very lucky , and should feel grateful ,

if I chose to believe in them...;)
*Hugs Ananta*
simply incorrect. offspring is one tiny piece in the chain of the idea of immortality. we simply live forth through offspring, and it is not even us, it is our genetic information. I did not receive the official memo that genetic information is the greatest treasure we have as human beings, since there are several ways to 'live forth'. you have the force of life that has its very meaning in reproduction on the one hand and our conscience and our society on the other. hence, you can become _relatively_ immortal through great deeds more likely than through just reproducting. apparently you give the pure reproduction part of human all credits on the expense of the achievements of human conscience, and that is what any leech is able to do. well done. /irony


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