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I've read this a few times, but, have never found anything extensive on the subject. The internet seems to be clogged with Christians trying to use this info. to distance themselves from Muslims & Muslims denying it. This is actually an old idea, so what is the evidence if any? 

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The topics are all in alphabetical order, which is almost as good.

Canaanites as Hebrew Semitic origins, I think you are right about that.. 

Ha ha ha, yes, but APEP lives!

I also have read on various pages that in Egypt the Moon God was Thoth. I think the issue in my understanding of the Divine Masculine/Feminine is that we all have both Light and Dark, as it is for the Sun and the Moon They are both in each other so it is no surprise that there would be different ideas on the gender.

Yes. Thoth is/was God of the ancient Egyptian  Moon. Isis became the feminine Moon aspect during the Greek intervention in Egypt. Perhaps Allah was a moon god, that I really don't know, but it would not surprise me, as these beliefs do indeed evolve over time.

The Greeks were extremely important and influential in Egyptian history and mythology, to the point where we would probably know nothing of the hieroglyphic translations, because the Greeks were the only ancients that we know of who were able to decipher hieroglyphics, via the Rosetta Stone, that was discovered in the 1700's. To think of it as no one knew the mysteries of hieroglyphics until that tablet was found, was pretty profound. So it all came through the Greek translations.

 So, there was no translation or understanding of hierpglyphics until the Greeks undertook that task.You could say the Greeks earned their stripes in that respect, they had direct connections to ancient Egypt, long before they invaded in 300 bce

The masculine feminine aspects together are a very good way to approach this, especially when considering the various aspects of the divine feminine and masculine.

This was a born again booklet called Allah had no son. It goes into detail why .I do not remember what it says exactly.

Allla certainly had a enough wives LOL...


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