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Has anyone been a Free Mason here? What is the extent of occult activity? I was recently told that Free Masonry in the States is nothing more than raising money for charity and going on marches etc. Is this true?



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LOL! TEll that to my 94 year olde DA who is a MASON......I've simply heard it all now......OMG,come on NICKY give it a rest.......! If I'm wrong I apologize.prove it How does HIP HOP overlap fremasonary??
Oh, so it's IMPOSSIBLE for a rapper to be a Freemason?

It's impossible for Freemasonry to have influenced Hip Hop? 
I have no idea if they can or cant.why dont YOU give us some examples then of a FREEMASON that IS a rapper and/or how a FREEMASON has influendced hip hop ...K? That would be great.......IMPOSSIBLE is YOUR word NICKY,nowhere in my comment,so PLEASE TELL us and back up YOUR words. HOW has FREEMASONARY influenced hip hop?

True , in most arenas...


Of course , Odd Fellows , Elks , Lions ,

Rotary Club , are all good on the resume...


Just some , more respected , by a larger demographic...



Yeah , I have had my hands on some old books from a lodge or two...


I like that , rather than just online reading...pick up some interesting

energy , from all those who have read them...


So , first three degrees of Blue Lodge ?

By the way...


Brotherhood = 224


Blue = 638 ( high value )


Lodge = 147


= 1009


( Low value of)  Blue = 78 = Initiation...;)

Yes...yet , just as in Portal Grade , in A * A * ,

or Golden Dawn...0 = 0 , you find out later ,

a lot of the basic structure is the same at the

highest levels , after you go through all this

other learning , just so many more levels to the

same symbology and ritual , and further meaning

and ability to work with same...


Alchemical Process...some simmer , some burn through it...;)



Yet...let us just put out the thought...


*If* an organization , has been around for a long time...


And there are those who know things , or indulge in

ritual practice , and may or may not have their political

and occult agendas...


Would they , especially if one studies their history in

the U.S. , and the huge backlash , after them being

accused of murder to protect secrets in the late 1800's ,

early 1900's , ( if one looks into this , there was a purge

of Masons , in politics and business , after the murder

accusations ) , would they show their hand , openly ?


Or , would they , if they had *any* secrets , rituals ,

or agendas , show an outer organization , that was

a social club , and *only* , if they felt , by observation ,

over *many* years , a member *just might* qualify

for deeper initiation , and acceptance into more

occult workings , invite them to do so ?


Now , many , including it sounds like you , Neophyte ,

all respect meant , don't want to wait for that , nor

see any reason to do so...understood...;)




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