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An End to Aging: Can Science Allow Humans to To Become Immortal?

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Aging can be reduced signficantly. If civilization doesn't destroy itself or go too far backward, it may have an improbable chance of seeing humans that live a few hundred years in a few hundred years. Some of that technology is already here, but the legality and humanity of it is yet questionable. Other methods include tapping into the origin of Consciousness...the purer forms of energy that comes from such reduce the rate of aging. Although quantifying and qualifying that scientifically is a few hundred years off, meditation reveals the measurable side of these things to some extent even for the high priest of science in our modern day.

In any event, true immortality of the body is another matter altogether. That is a more complex and nuanced discussion, with it being unlikely that anyone would have the requisite background knowledge or perceptive capacity to meaningfully follow, let alone assert original insight that would be coordinate with reality.

Anywho, you may like Ray Kurzweil and his transhumanist aims. He, various others, and the families that run the banks who run the governments and companies of the world, are working toward transhumanism. Alas, that is a different form of anti-aging technology that humanity would be wise to pray it not live to see.

If you want some key terms to look into from that angle, investigate the following:

-Seed AI

-Technological Singularity

-Merging with Machines

If you want to find true immortality:


It's very interesting! There are a few plausible angles to solve the problem of aging, and I think it's inevitable that eventually there will be a breakthrough on one such path or another. As for which, who can say? Perhaps we'll figure out how to upload consciousness to synthetic bodies? Perhaps we'll simply learn how to halt and reverse the degradation of DNA? I dunno, but the possibilities are certainly intriguing.

I'm no even sure if death is a realistic concept.

I dont want immortal period.


Ever read any books about fictional immortal beings?  Making the adjustment to never be able to hold onto anything is not easy.

I do believe in reincarnation and the way i feel is rest is needed in between.

If we were all immortal, babies would no longer be necessary, right?

I wasn't aware that babies were seen as necessity...

I wasn't aware that babies were seen as necessity...

They're a necessity to keep the human race going.  Without them, we're extinct.  But if we're immortal, we no longer need any new humans to replace the old humans because the old humans will still be around.  Forever.

We would still need children, as there is a statistic that you could go 500 years without having a fatal accident, but after that you would run out of luck? So 'immortality' as such does have an expiration date, which would mean we're not just trying to exceed our life expectancy, but destiny as well. 

Dr Strangelove says,

"Be carefull vhat you vish forrr"...


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