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I have a step-aunt who requested some help from me. She asked for 2 things, a chant to help with stress-which I already have, and a chant or ritual to help her get organized. I need help finding a chant to help with the organization. I normally wouldn't ask, but I just cannot find anything on Google, it keeps asking me if I want to learn to spell organization, lol.

Any help anyone could provide would be much appreciated. I'm not comfortable enough with myself to write a chant myself, else I would do that.

Thanks everyone!

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I'll put things back where I found them,
Not on the table or the floor.
I'll put things back where I found them,
I won't stand for clutter anymore.

Just something I made up on the spot. =P
That should work for her :) My mind just went blank, so I do appreciate the help.
Not a problem. =D


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