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Has anyone been following this , or have more

recent information than this February 23rd video ?

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This is scary. Here we are having the weather that should be in the Antartic is here in Maine again. There has also been an eruption in a volcano in Italy. The weather went into above the 60's in the Antartic. Thats all i know at the moment.

Yeah , it is just a "mite concerning"...

If that is cracking , and detaches and melts , then more... are cheap in my neighborhood right now...

Yacht for $40, 000...

Shoot , if things go the way they could , I might not have

to pay the loan back...and as there shall be many looking

for a safe place , I might get my dream of twenty strippers

pole dancing on a yacht in the sun...( JUST KIDDING )...:)

Yeah...thought I would bring it to peoples' attention...

See what they thought...

Wow, that's some dream!

On a sober note.

As much as I make an effort not to think about stuff like this - we're seriously fucked.

Like, dig a deep fence post hole and get in it before the pile is driven down - fucked.

Like; biblical disaster - fucked.

Not a chance, no hope whatsoever, doomed, hoisted by our own petard - fucked.

It's been an amazing ride and there's a bit left yet, but ultimately; we're fucked.


I hate to be all doom and gloom all the time, but geez. 

I was feeling a tad dark on Monday past Rose, I can see I was profane too. 

Regrettable, I try not to use the language of my people when in polite company.

Anyway, there's still life, and where there's life there is hope.

I live with hope (if not optimism) that out of the unbridled charge towards abyss our swelling population will extrapolate out enough genius humanitarians and they will save us all from ourselves; somehow.  

Lol at the language of your people. I hate to tell you, but some of us other people are also using that language to describe our situation. 

I would like to have hope. I'm not looking for optimism. That would be ridiculous to expect. Some hope would be nice, though. I just don't think I have that much faith in humanity. 

There are geniuses among us, but they don't tend to amass much power. In the end, no one's listening to them. 

Damn that Al Gore! Went down to Antarctica and cracked that ice!!! Just like a liberal!

Ok, that was the conservative response to this. The response rooted in reality, yeah, we're screwed.

One can prepare. A yacht won't help you as globally oceanic fish resources are disappearing, and this climate change coming will change the salt content and the temperature of oceans. It's going to be a marine desert for awhile.

ALREADY we've seen so many extinctions in the past 200 years that only the end-Cretaceous, Triassic-Jurassic and end-Permian extinctions were greater. Ok never mind the precambrian, that is only partly understood.

We could have taken action decades ago. We knew this was coming. Corporate power, expressed via the GOP, has prevented action. So... when things get bad, and you're hungry... eat the Republicans first!

It wasn't that long ago, in the 1980's, scientist were worried that the amount of ice accumulating in Antarctica, would accentuate our planets wobble, to the point we could tip over in space, and end up upside down, with all the death and mayhem this would cause. as you can imagine.

They suggested to the UN we should break it up, and use huge tug boats to send the pieces to drought stricken areas.

Apparently, this piece will end up off the coast of Chile in a few years time.

I do not remember scientists in the '80s thinking the world would tip over. I do remember learning about the greenhouse effect back in the '70s, though.

I don't remember anything about the world tipping over, either. That sounds a bit far-fetched, to me.

But the amount of water in our oceans and its movement does affect the wobble of our planet's rotation.

Climate change certainly appears to be a major contributing factor.  Meridian, you might want to check out this article that appeared on the NASA website last year:


In a paper published today in Science Advances, Surendra Adhikari and Erik Ivins of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, researched how the movement of water around the world contributes to Earth's rotational wobbles... Around the year 2000, Earth's spin axis took an abrupt turn toward the east and is now drifting almost twice as fast as before, at a rate of almost 7 inches (17 centimeters) a year... Scientists have suggested that the loss of mass from Greenland and Antarctica's rapidly melting ice sheet could be causing the eastward shift of the spin axis.


Click link below for full article:

The author Hugh Auchincloss Brown's book on the subject 'Cataclysms of the Earth: New York, 1967.' he died in 1976 still worrying about the ice cap, so it would more be accurate to say, I heard about it in the 1980's.


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