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Anti-Horse Buggy Protestors in NY protest at American Girl's shop in-front of children.

Okay this is the new low of the state that is being challenge over their gay marriage law. I'll talk about that on another discussion as that's not the title of the discussion. Anti-Horse buggy protestors went to a American Girl store with a petition to demand that the store stop offering horse drawn buggy rides. They just burst in, no consideration for the laws of New York. They had their gross pictures and little children were seeing them. These little children were holding their American Girl dolls while these piece of low lives showed off horrible photo's of dead horses.


Now I'm all about Animal rights but don't do this in-front of seven-year-olds holding dolls. The store stopped the rides but you can tell the children were scared. They were screaming, breaking the law, and all sorts of things. I saw a video of it, eleven minutes of these low lives scaring little children, screaming and chanting. Is this what our little children who love the American girl dolls have to put up with?


I would of punched them in the kisser, stinking low lives. Have some respect for the kids.


On another note: Lawmakers want to ban horse drawn buggy rides, even horses that are well cared for, in exchange for....vintage electric cars. "They won't know the difference," said one law maker. "People will still come to New York even if their gone."


Opinions please and note: Little boys were in there too. Hum, maybe they like the series too.

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Another one of the many reasons why I can't stand New York. Full of sheep who care more about keeping their nanny state going instead of trying to fix what little is left of their economy. I lived in upstate NY for a little over a year until I got laid off and used the opportunity to move back to a common sense state. 

I agree, nutty the whole lot of them. These people make me sick and it shall never end. I don't give a rats butt about gay marriage or whatever. Stop coming to a store and scaring little children, you nutty nutty fruit balls, and stop taking jobs away from buggy drivers.


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