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Is there anyone that has a spell for nausea (especially caused by anxiety) that they would be willing to share? I have spell writing writer's block.

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I used to have that to some extent. When there is a great deal of psychic, spiritual energy moving through the body with a less than smooth flow, nausea can be one side-effect. That's even turned into regurgitation in severe instances. 

That said, for most people nausea will simply be the result of something more mundane like eating a month old slice of bologna they shouldn't have, motion sickness, or some type of abstract psychological peturbation. 

Baking soda and water and saltines can help. This is a mundane request and a spell is not needed or called for.

Ginger ale 


Spells don't necessarily work like that..

Er..  That easily.. 

You have to calm you. 


Try some guided meditation 


Give yourself some time for the anxiety. Invoke those you care for and remind yourself "I am the master." Take 20 minutes to yourself in the process you choose (bath, meditate, exercise). Focus on the anxiety and allow yourself to have conversation. You must talk to it. Do this every day (you are allowed to!). Light a candle or use a fire at the end. 

That is the best idea given so far.

one dropper full CBD oil.Hold under tongue for 15 seconds.Say favorite mantra.Swallow.Wait 20 min.Repeat if necessary.

Oh, I use that actually. It does help.

Want to see how you are being watched , Kitty ?

Just like the rest of us ?

Not to increase anxiety , just truthful...this was the sidebar ad right now...

Targeted advertising. Grrr. Pete Holmes has a theory that the government invented Facebook in an attempt to make privacy uncool.

50/50 glass of Milk and Water, usually does the trick quite quickly.

Thank you.


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