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I am having a really hard time finding out more about him. I've tried looking up websites etc. and I get basic information but I want to find out more. Anyone that can help me out is much appreciated!

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Mars is more based on an Etruscan agricultural god, than Ares, the near mindless Greek god of warfare.

My Dictionary of Roman Religion goes on about his festivals, his holidays, his lineage, proper symbols and sacrifices.

thank you very much!  This should help some.

I would sugest "The Greek Myths" by robert Graves in the section "Aries Nature and Deeds" At the end of the section Graves quotes numerous clasicalsources which you can follow up on.

I have some links I'll put below that might help you. I think Ares is an amazing God. He cares very much for his children which is reflected in his stories. The belt he gave to Hippolyte, saving Alkippe from Poseidon's son Hallirhothios, mourning the loss of his son who died in the Trojan War Askalaphos.

He was also considered a very kind and faithful lover to the women he was with and sired children with them. So it's well known PCPG that he has a soft spot for women and children. He is extremely pro-women being father of the Amazones and being revered and honored in Sparta. Where women had rights and were treated well, unlike Athens and many other places in Greece.

Another thing to remember, he is a God of much more other than war. Even by Greek standards, he is a God of peace, civil order, the restraint of anger, masculinity, courage, banditry, he is also a God of abundance. His epithet, "Aphneios" attests to this and comes with a lovely story. It's a bit frustrating to hear people say, "he's just a war God" or anything of that sort. He's just a war God the same way Athena, Enyo, or Aphrodite are just war Goddesses.

All three of them are, but they are so much more than that. He deserves more respect than to be reduced to a mere archtype like that. Also, be wary of anyone giving you Wikipedia sources, they are not credible and can be altered by anyone. Which is why academically, colleges do not accept them as sources since the information is often not accurate or credible.



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