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So, My husband had a huge slew of physical problems including Arthritis, De-generative spine disorder, and (benign) Limpomas all over his body, just to name a couple. I've been Studying up on different ways I can help to bring him to better health, I'm just having a difficult time finding resources of info.

He is going to Physical therapy, and we are seeing his doctor regularly, so we've got the secular side of this covered, I just want to help any way I can. We've begun chanting healing mantras, and I've done a Brigid spell that has actually impacted our life greatly over the year.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Websites, books, whatever. We're only in our 20's, so I've got my whole life to study for this.

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You might find something helpful here? Worth a shot!

Thanks! I'll check this out!
My own husband was diagnosed with fibrimyalgia and then was hit by a truck and now has a rod in his leg. Right after his accident I cast a healing spell. More recently I created a healing poppet for him. Scince it sounds like your husbands problems are ongoing I suggest a poppet.
Ooh, that's rough. I was actually thinking of making a second poppet for him too... I made a corn husk poppet as part of my Brigid spell, but I can't do much to it because of what it's made of. I'll definitely try this, thanks!

For osteo-arthritis I use a homemade salve wintergreen essential oil aromatherapy grade mixed into pure 100% shea butter this gives some relief. I sometimes do healing candles ivory or white spell candles dressed with olive oil  & cinnamon and sprinkled with a little yarrow/rosemary herbs  from my garden. Try to get sleep, good sleep as sleep restores the body. With a variety of ill health issues sleep also is affected.

I am not here often, your post caught my eye. Google search: healing magick, healing herbalism, aromatherapy for illnesses etc.

My books are upstairs I am downstairs not sure of precise title Jude's Home herbal? you might browse that for sampe pages on Amazon...

Julia Lawless Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy Oils has lots of information in it.

Look up raw food for life. Documentary "fat sick and almost dead" on Netflix.

Some people consider my own form of paganism to be that of a shaman and i have some experience with spirit healing which you would likely consider healing magic . . . . not wanting to get into a what is and is not magic discussion but my own forms of spirit healing are similar to Reiki thus i would reccomend that to you. 

I say similar because i was taught and or guided by nature spirits as opposed to a Reiki master and have only skimmed my mom's reiki books but it is similar enough. 

I will try to locate her books to give you the titles. 

Though i could explain about my own 'style' if you would prefer whatever you think would help most and fit into your own traditions. 

Blessed be and best of luck!


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