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I know it's a long shot, but is there anyone over 19 from Ventura County California who would like to meet up? It's not a sex thing, I just want pagan friends.

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Best I can do is say I'll be down in Santa Monica this year

for a week or so at a time , selling on the Venice boardwalk

( most probably my antler carvings ) , and working as an

advisor on certain independent film projects...

I could let you know , if you want , when I am coming / or am

down there ; my friend from up in NoCal here ( Mendoville ) ,

has had a place down there in S.M. for many years...

Last time I sold right in front of the "freak show" for a week...

Not this !

You can pm me if interested , when I let you know...

It might just be an interesting meet...

I just talked with my friend about the film projects ,

and coming down three days ago...;)

I'm in central cost with no transportation. But it was very nice of you to respond. Maybe we can still meet up

I popped over to, but I only saw two people listed for that area. You could check the site for groups there, too, though!


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