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I'm looking to find some other like minded wiccans in my area.

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Hello! I'm not in your area, but I wanted to let you know that is an easier site for searching for groups and individuals in your area. If you haven't tried it out, it might be worth a look. We have a chat room here, though, if you want to just hang out and talk to those who pop in and out. It's kind of a graveyard most of the time these days, but I check in frequently. 

I tired when I first started looking but only found like 3 maybe 4 people.

Im in Wellsville NY and I sometimes go to Cornell or Hornell, I have a doctor in Hornell. Would love to meet you sometime!

Hi, i live in otego ny. Thats near oneonta ny, i believe that Elmira is near binghamton ny? Which is like 1 hr and 20 mins from me. If that helps at all.


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