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Anyone practicing Buddhism in addition to a polytheist path.

I am curious to know if there are folks practicing a Buddhist lifestyle as an enhancement to their polytheist spiritual path.

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I was listening to “Coast to Coast AM” radio program last week and a person was talking about egregores. An egregore is a thoughtform type psychic entity that influences the thoughts of an individual or group. The person on the radio mentioned a book titled “Magic and Mystery in Tibet” by Alexandra David-Neel. Coincidentally, I had chosen this book from the library shelves just a couple of days prior to hearing it mentioned on Coast to Coast AM.

The book relates many experiences the author had among the Buddhist of Tibet. It is very interesting and displays how Buddhist practices vary from different regions of the World. It talks about gomchen who control demons and ngagspa who are magicians. I thought this side of Buddhism would resonate well with many who walk the Pagan path and incorporate such concepts into their beliefs.

The book states that spirits of the dead are surrounded by fantastic creatures as they cross into Bardo. Bardo is a place one goes after death. These fantastic creatures are evoked by the mind out of the void and the mind can also dissolve them into the void.

It is an interesting read for anyone who likes to dwell on such subjects.

The extremely high level of morality in terms of altruism and self sacrifice that we find in the ideal of the Bodhisattva is not often found in the myths of the gods of any land. An outstanding exception are the son and daughter of Ahura Mazda, Mithra and Anahita. These are favorites of mine, but further investigation revealed that they are in reality the Bodhisattvas Maitreya and Tara. Ahura Mazda himself is Mahavairochana Buddha. The goddess of the earth, Prithvi or Tellus Mater, may also be a very pure being.

The Bodhisattva ideal continues to astonish me and I wonder how anyone could have the sustained bodhicitta (compassion for humanity) to live according to that ideal for thousands of years.


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