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This has been bugging me for some time since I started my path in Paganism over nine years ago. Is it appropriation when the Lwa or Orishas have called on you though you are not of that culture? I have felt extremly close to Shango who has helped me through some tough times. I have always gave him the proper respect to the best of my ability, honoring him on his days feeding him as well as asking Papa Legba for opening the crossroads. I never claimed that I am practicing Santeria, Ifa, New Orleans, Polo or any other Voodoo practice. I never claim that i am a priest of his or sell stuff that culture. I never looked him up and said thats who i want to honor he showed interests in me. 

Thank you all for your responses. 

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So Aradia and Diana are Minoan?

No, they're not. Aradia is Italian, Diana is Roman.

Both far older than that...

The Old Wietchcrreayafth knew them well , long ago...

But they were adopted into those cultures , long after...

We hid things very well...much better than most think...;)

I thought so

No , Diana is known in Italian Witchcraft , as is Aradia...

Most say Aradia's story of being the daughter of Diana ,

comes from Leland's work...( google that )

However , and this is what I did not want to start with

in my first post , but will address now...

All traditions , stem from one code , which has 44 base

symbols , each with 77 levels of meaning...

This much exponential possibility of combinations , produce

all stories , myths , and cultural beliefs , and praxis ( practice )

including all magical systems...

Whether those deities are real , I will not argue with anyone

about that , yet my Tradition holds that we are wired with this

code , in the brain / dna / and cellular levels , thus we experience

reality through the lenses created by the code...

So , in context with your thread , ultimately , according to my Tradition ,

there can be NO cultural appropriation , as all cultures and beliefs / practices

stem from this one source...

However , it is wise to approach this with caution , as there are those who

do not understand , or are unwilling to accept this , which my Tradition holds

as truth...others are sworn to secrecy , and may not reveal the code...

As one arrangement of our code , has eighteen symbols , and the sum of

1 to 18 inclusive , equals 171 , and by gematria :

Snake = 171

We have always said with many levels of meaning , including respect for other

peoples who have claimed part of the one code as theirs and created their reality :

"Do Not Tread On Me"

Forgot to tell you...

Top four symbols in column on left , in descending order ,

are as follows :

O - K - R - A

The main ingredient of the stew offering...;)

I really don’t think the gods, spirits, etc. etc. give a damn about your DNA or where you were born, particularly, if they called you out. If it feels good, do it.


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