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There are gods of farming and of hunting, but what about foraging?

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It seems there would've been some of those before hunting and farming. Could be that foraging deities became the latter.
Of forging or foraging?

First , a belated happy birthday , blackfire is hungry...

Second , in answer to your question...

Forest spirits , and ancestral spirits were honored for foraging...

Here is a quick link , regarding Caami...

Further , I would consider the "Green Man" , "Forest Faery" , "Greensleeves" ,

all to fit that category , as well others I am not presently thinking of...

Perhaps Frey ?

Thanks, Shawn Blackwolf. And thanks for the link; it would appear there are some, after all.

Lol I misread it the first time. Nymphs of the forest and maybe Persephone since she is the goddess of spring she was known for picking flowers

@Barry J King and @Psyche: Yeah, it's "foraging" and not "forging." I think it's pretty funny that people are reading "forging" since my real last name relates to metal-working.
At least, I hope that's the kind of forging people are reading.

Gods of the wilderness and wild-spaces, such as: Cernunnos, Danu, Freyr, Freya, Nertha.

Perhaps Artemis? as far as foraging being "hunting" for vegetation.

Though he's a spirit rather than a god, how about the green man ?

I agree that woodland entities would qualify... Kern, satyrs generally, and Danu... just thinking of Europe at the moment.

The animal who is my ally walked up to me once when I was in the mountains in southern California cutting bamboo. Said to me, basically, ah, gathering what you need from the Earth. Good show!

I think this ally assists me in gathering, which I do alot, hunting nuts, herbs, sassafras root, etc., here in the East as I did in the West for decades. Different plants here, though.

I wonder if the spiritual environment is different here... I'm so familiar with the West. I know the Eastern forests are interesting in being so similar to those of northwestern Europe. All the same magickal trees, and so on.

Well, my entire pagan schtick is an eclectic effort... and I suspect that whether the spiritual entities involved derive from indigenous or European culture, it is essentially the same.


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