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There are gods of farming and of hunting, but what about foraging?

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It seems there would've been some of those before hunting and farming. Could be that foraging deities became the latter.
Of forging or foraging?

First , a belated happy birthday , blackfire is hungry...

Second , in answer to your question...

Forest spirits , and ancestral spirits were honored for foraging...

Here is a quick link , regarding Caami...

Further , I would consider the "Green Man" , "Forest Faery" , "Greensleeves" ,

all to fit that category , as well others I am not presently thinking of...

Perhaps Frey ?

Thanks, Shawn Blackwolf. And thanks for the link; it would appear there are some, after all.

Lol I misread it the first time. Nymphs of the forest and maybe Persephone since she is the goddess of spring she was known for picking flowers

@Barry J King and @Psyche: Yeah, it's "foraging" and not "forging." I think it's pretty funny that people are reading "forging" since my real last name relates to metal-working.
At least, I hope that's the kind of forging people are reading.

What can ya do...except to forge on in your foraging!!! LOL

Gods of the wilderness and wild-spaces, such as: Cernunnos, Danu, Freyr, Freya, Nertha.

Perhaps Artemis? as far as foraging being "hunting" for vegetation.

Katy Perry springs to mind.

Oh sure, she appears to be a mortal female and has some fame for warbling out a tune or three - but I suspect she's a foraging god incognito.

Though he's a spirit rather than a god, how about the green man ?

An interesting question, and a super topic! Thanks for starting it Blackfire! Hmmm, as others have mentioned; The Greenman springs to mind primarily. I don’t forage as much as I used to, but when I do, I like to leave “offerings.” They are small offerings to my personal Gods / Goddesss(es), the Ancestors, and to the local forest spirits…one mustn’t forget anyone. LOL. It need not be a grand, formal ritual, although you may wish to do so, just do what feels “right” to you.

Foraging is a wonderful way to spend a day. My Grandmother used to hunt for mushrooms, and as a boy my family did a good deal of berry picking, but that was back when there were more wild places to pick them around here. As I grew older I learned a good deal on wilderness survival, and foraging skills, plus I began to gather various herbs for incense, spells, and so on. I follow an eclectic Druid path, and I’ve always tried to maintain a good rapport with all of the local spirits, especially those of the trees and various flora. One sees the forest in a whole new light when you exercise respect for all living things. I do follow a few rules; I always ask a plant permission before I proceed, and I never strip a plant clean, leaving it to die. Show respect and indeed even reverence…they are living things.

These days I mainly forage for dandelion blossoms…to make wine! I take a bottle of the previous year’s batch to offer, and to quench my own thirst! It makes a tedious task much more pleasant!

Happy Foraging!!! Michael


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