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A little help here...PLEASE!!! I am hopelessly single and have been for far too long! My daughter suggested internet dating, but the most popular sites are virtually barren of nice pagan folks like myself. Are there any internet dating sites for pagans? PLEASE HELP !!!
And may you all be blessed!

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one right here
FL isn't that far! I've been farther and came home with less, but life is all about the journey!
sorry Fionn, my prayers to you in this time.
Single for "far too long" ... last divorce in 1993. Ended a relationship I'd rather not remember in 2003. I just absolutely hate the dating crap. I usually end up being "crucified" by some self righteous "so called christian" who just wants to beat me into submission. I just can't seem to be in the right place at the right time.
Dude, I'm so single I'm hitting on myself just so I get some action! :D

I haven't had much luck with, but I haven't tried the other site that Mis SIN suggested.

I've mostly dated atheists, but I'm tired of that racket and looking to date other pagan types... just seems like there are slim pickings (most people are married it seems, and I don't do poly relationships. I barely have enough time for one other person), so I'm considering long distance relationships.

if it happens I'll report back... but at this point I think I'm going to donate my girl-parts to goodwill so they go to someone that can use them, because I'm apparently not.

;) I tease cos I love!
Although not very comforting... it's nice to know I'm not the only one "hitting on myself"... so to speak! LOL!!! You aren't kidding about the "slim pickings" and let me know where to donate my "girl parts"!
Me single too....Don't know if I'm a nice pagan folk or not, but what the hels....

I won't do the dating club scene. Too hokey for moi...
So... what do you do to get a date? It seems I'm never in the right place, at the right time!
Single for 6 years. Anniversary last saturday! lol
Didn't date because I did't want my daughter to have lots of 'uncles'.
Now I'm not so sure I'm interested, can't see myself at the local cattle market.
It all seems so seedy now.
Don't like the idea of dating sites either, too many liiars for my liking! lol

If it happens, it happens,. If its not time yet, I can wait.
I am single as well and have been for three years now.My issue is even if i find the dating site whos to say the person would even be located near me......
Been single for mmmm, 32 years. Have had a boyfriend here and there but just haven't found my soulmate. It doesn't bother me though. I have been alone so long that I am use to it LOL

Some day I am sure my prince charming will come along and sweep me off my feet and if not so mote it be!


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