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Didn't know beard wearing was a requirement?  

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Well; when his face won't fit in a chem mask, he'll know why the army has that policy.

Guy is reportedly in the military police.  He won't have a problem with a chem mask.

That is the reason for having no facial hair; all military have to be able to use a chem mask; they even have that standard in the Navy, where beards are traditionally kept as a defense against the cold and "snot-cicles"; even your local PD has that standard because of the same reason.

Don't know what to tell you, Spooky.

When were you last in the military?  On the comment board for the article, where I originally read it - which I can no longer find for some reason - other soldiers were chiming in, saying in the field, special ops guys are allowed to wear beards and modern chem masks are more adjustable these days.

Last? Never. I have family in the military and I was part of the PD for awhile; the regional academy had training courses on chem mask usage. To this day, when I get in the shower and the hot water hits my eyes, I still flinch lol.

They are pretty adjustable, it's kind of more of a discipline thing. Some spec op officers have things against them too.

Just curious what his religious reasons are for having it, and if any other Heathens agree?

"Religious" accommodation in government and the military is top notch as well.


 The last Heathen group I was a part of took the official stance of that if facial hair is more important than keeping wealth in your household then you are a dick.

The Army has allowed beards for religious and/or medical reasons. Some people can't shave because they get ingrown hair, hence the medical reason. Personally, I would be more worried about a compromised fit on the face for my gas mask than any religious desire.

We used to address the "medical reason" in my department by sending the individual to a physician who would examine him and then make him shave in the office, on the spot, with a return visit in two days. There were a lot of people that claimed medical reasons, but only one person actually had a reaction and was exempt. To be honest, I've never seen someone with that bad of a reaction; his face was bleeding and skin was falling off.

Personally, I would be more worried about a compromised fit on the face for my gas mask than any religious desire

Reminds me of that quote from the movie Jarhead where the character Swoff is complaining his dogtags did not say "no preference" in the religion category.  His friend says "At least they got the blood type right.  You want the wrong blood or the wrong prayers?"

Call that a test of faith :D :D


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