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So, when I left, my discussions went with me xD But now that I am back, I'm breathing life into a new one. 

I'm a Hindu, formally a Shaiva, but now dabbling more into Shaktism. I still love Shiva, though.

SO ask away. I'll try to answer as best I can. I can't promise that I have all the answers, but again, I can try :D

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It could be said that modern Islam is a form of Judeo-Hinduism, right down to what they wear and the symbols they use.  So how could one consider it a hostile take-over if each of the major religions share similar ideologies?  Even if there are particular people that hold the interpretation that it's 'pure' it's certainly not.  If anything, it serves as a strong example of Multiculturalism.

Hi Gaudior. I can give you a list of medieval Hindu temples that contain a multitude of erotic statues and carvings: Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, the Sun Temple in Konark, Jagdish Mandir in Udaipur, the Sun Temple in Gujarat, etc. But in one of his books Paramahansa Yogananda said that sex was created by Satan. Do you think that the Paramahansa's idea is typical of the modern Hindu attitude toward sex? Has Hinduism changed? If it has changed was it a natural evolution? Or do you think that Islam and Christianity, which came to the Indian subcontinent in the intervening centuries, changed Hinduism?

Especially Islam had many effects on Indian society and culture, including religion. I'd bet India was far less sexist before the Moslems showed up, to cite one aspect of this.

Actually, its been argued that if India wasn't exposed to Western culture it would probably be more extreme than any manifestation we've seen within Muslim cultures.  You have to remember that prior to contact, there were Maharajas that were oppressing and enslaving their own people, to include children.  It's sort of the point the Indiana Jones Franchise was making when they released The Temple of Doom.  Since people in general aren't really interested in World History, they are introduced ideas through art such as film.

I read somewhere that the British did make them more prude (And messed up the caste system.) and I have seen this attitude among Indians, like they're scared of anything controversial, especially sexual, and how the West will label them or what people will say.

Such as the linga/yoni thing, is a big deal sometimes, the more conservative types will say that linga is not even a phallic symbol.

Hi. I actually don't really consider myself to be Shakta anymore so I'm sorry I can't answer that. 

@Gaudior, why? Are you still Hindu?


They were more liberal in ancient Hinduism. This book argues that:

Immortal India: Articles and Speeches by Amish

Some of his arguments are found here:

"Tripathi also argues in the book that Section 377 does not reflect the traditional Indian attitude towards sex. It is, instead, he argues, a reflection of the British colonial mindset, influenced by medieval interpretations of Christianity."

Where do Witches come in and what are they called. This is the reason I asked;

'witch' in academic terms and old usage was a practioner of harmful magic.

They have their own myths in India.


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