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Does anyone in the community have sleep apnoea and practices astral projection?

I have suffered for the last 9 months with sleep apnoea that stops my breathing up to 26 times an hour for up to 90 seconds a time, so as my Consultant made me aware, while my Oxygen sats are dropping heavily during these episodes, effectively I am `dead` for a period of intermittent time over an 8 hour sleep period.

I have to use a CPap machine with a full face mask that pumps high pressure air into my lungs when an episode occurs, and the condition is now being managed effectively.

However, I have noticed a massive upsurge in very real dreaming, and enhanced ability to travel `on the astral`and remotely connect with certain people in my life.

Has anyone else experienced such?

I would be grateful for any thoughts.

Thank you.

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Interesting discussion, I do hope your noting all your experiences in a journal of some kind,it will be vital to you when you look back on it to see any repeating cycles or sequences,you say you converse with family via astral travel this I know is a reality as I have done it myself..Our Astral Body, which I know I certainly have one, as I use it to go and travel in other dimensions, not just in the so called Astral Dimension, but many other more subtle ones, including what I call a black hole tunnel, since there is just nothingness there but its a tunnel kinda like a worm hole, but my astral body or soul body I feel is more real than this physical body I tend to think of it as my Higher Self as it makes me feel whole.

It certainly is taller and larger than my physicality now, and it feels more like me than this body I wear in this lifetime on this planet.

But it also has a Consciousness of its own, and its smarter than I am in this body even, it understands things beyond the physical realms.

And I feel when there, that there is no time, but there are multidimensional places and parallel Universes, because even in this physical dimension, things are happening all over the place concurrently.

I am sure about reincarnation as people conceive it to happen,I know I have inhabited other avatar bodies with this same soul & on other planets too.

I just think that our awareness is having more than one physical dream at the same time when we astral.

I have been taught by others in my sleep,my soul guides teach me heaps, together with other sleeping beings,that sounds strange,but I saw them all in the same state..

This so called phenomena, needs much more investigation than the one that most people have given to it.

So its like just guess work what Astral really is called to all humans.. See what if its a natural soul process.. that all souls are capable of doing without realising it and it dosnt have a name to them, just cos were in a human avatar body suit dosnt mean its restricting us in our natural form to traverse the dimensions without our avatar.. if that makes sense.. like if you asked yourself what does a soul look like.. who can really explain that to another soul, it can only be explained in 'human talk',no one can say in 'soul [language]talk' in other words,so the same applies to souls traversing dimensions, they would see or describe them differently to how humans would.... See souls with higher consciousness have a growing awareness that through this very process of cosmic travelling of oscillation,acceptance,rejection of a search reference or point to travel to, we come to appreciate in gradually deepening subtlety and our wisdom the relationship of human consciousness, to its energy, to its form as a new quality of living presence that is beyond the content of our outer minds and limited bodies..And humans forget that they are souls that are like stars that can blow on the cosmic winds outside their bodies to traverse all the universes & galaxies outside our atmosphere as well as inside our planets reality..hope this awakens more within for you.. 

Shek-na-Krena.. Nekomei IMAGEM

Many thanks for your thoughts and interesting reply Enercia, a lot of it makes perfect sense, and I am keeping a journal of events which is becoming interesting, repetitive deep `REM` sleep co-inciding with an apnoea event can only be determined by Hospital /sleep clinic personnel when the CPap machine is downloaded at appointments, the microchip inside gives precise time/date of any event during sleep, so IF I can get a printout of the download results from them, it will make comparison of deep REM and apnoea very possible.

Dimensionally it is mind blowing at times, a a lot to take in , and better digested in small bites.

I have heard apnoea deep REM dream compared to a trip on acid without the physical consequences, at times I must admit the experience could be described as such.

I can relate,you can meet entities too,and your other selves...Oh I also thought I best mention or recommend that before you go to these hospital appointment to go on the CPap machine that you shield to protect yourself,and then when your back from your travels, dont forget to do a full body etheric cleansing & grounding,[not of your outer body,but for your astral body...I say this because in astral there are entities and they manage to attach themselves to your etheric astral body and if not got rid of end up upsetting your energetic / vibrational body,so when you return to your physical body they become entrapped in the layers of your auric energy field.. these entities can then manipulate even your consciousness..If you think of your body like that of a computer, and how after a while of traveling around the internet you can pick up codes from things and they act like bugs,that upset the running of your pc[not viruses as such] but you have to do a defragg on your pc, well it's a similar thing in the astral realm if you dont do it the attachments will affect you,like drain you and or leave your immune system wide open & susceptible to diseases,or colds & flues etc ..shielding & grounding I'm not sure if you know how to do it?..but there is much info on different techniques online or in this site.. and auric energy cleansing  I use 741Hertz theta binaural beats,energy subliminal frequencies for that, ..but first please balance your root chakra before you listen to any of them if you havnt done it before..or you may just feel a bit weird & dizzy in the head.

Info, links and suggestions very appreciated Enercia, Thank You, all makes perfect sense to me.

I have been slowly venturing into astral projection/remote connection/viewing for quite some time, but this acceleration due to the sleep apnoea and CPap machine treatment has opened new doorways/portals and dimensions before untapped;)

Well in which case  you might find yourself ahead of anyone else in this site to reach the realm of reality no one else has ever entered before.. -shrugs shoulders in gesture of ..well you never know- is evolving at a very fast pace, this world reality is crumbling if you havn't noticed already with the world temperatures rising.. so maybe a accelerated processes are unfolding to speed humans up a bit and in sleep is the best way to do it.. 

Thank you Enercia for your thoughts and suggestions, they are appreciated.

Sometimes the pathway indicated for us has to be walked alone for us to develop and grow to our full potential spiritually, and as a sentient being within our perception of the Universe and its myriad possibilities.

A thought came to mind yesterday that I wonder how many people suffer with sleep apnoea that goes undiscovered/unknown, and also `see` visionary experiences happening to them in forms such as UFO`s/Angels/Fae, as sleep apnoea occurs during waking hours also, and that `inbetween `or liminal time of wake/sleep is perfect for deep meditation and projections?

That's the truth,you do learn a heck of a lot when you have no interference from others & I'm speaking from experience that is as I often wonder off on my own to do my own for the number of suffer's of sleep apnoea undiscovered I'm no expert on statistic's on that, but I would say a lot have it,and dont know it,how would you know you had it if say you lived on your own,your asleep so no one to tell you anything LOL.. ..whether or not having it is the reason of seeing UFO`s/Angels/Fae, I'd say no as you dont need it to see those,if your awakened and connected with other realities & the multiverse.You only have to look at our pure innocent children to know that they see all of these things we adults claim to be only in our 'Imaginations' ..see that's a demonic word to me,it shuts down the third eye to other realms in the form of a indoctrination process to say that these things a child is seeing so easily & talks about so easily e.g the invisible friends,unicorns & monsters,fairy & angels etc arnt actually real,when they damn well are real..this all started & came about from a misunderstanding of how this world really was like 'be afraid of something you dont understand children yet think of it as not real and just your imagination'..then you wont ask questions no one can give the answer to..anyway truth is we perceive in a few relative levels of consciousness when by our very nature we are already involved with enterties of other dimensions. The energy we now bring through the few zones we permit is greater than this narrowed consciousness can we tend to hold back our abilities in this 3D realm as the reality we have been looking at was never intended to hold the full intensity of our beingness.

Very good point Enercia, you wouldn't know about sleep apnoea if you lived alone.

I was surprised to find out that it kills a number of people, silently, with no warning, you just fall asleep and dont wake up again.

Highly likely if you snore, or are overweight that you will suffer from this, worth getting it checked out for even if the price is having a driving licence removed/deferred until treatment via Cpap machine is proved.

This might sound weird to you Who,as IDK how you see things with life & death but I'd be thinking like..  'what a way to go' as in to leave this world, I mean everyone wishes for a peaceful passing do they not, one without pain & suffering.. so to go to sleep and not wake up is just so peaceful,plus the bonus your off out in the Universe cosmic travelling,so why not just incarnate somewhere else while your at it..

See to me leaving this planet isnt the end of your soul its just a transformational process..Whether you like to think of yourself as empirically minded or of spiritual persuasion,it can be reassuring to discover that not every single facet of life and the universe can be easily dissected and explained away as life & death its just humans futile attempts to explain what cannot be explained...because naturally humans fear the end of 'self' as we are as a human,and the uncertainty of,whats after DEATH anyway... and we want to think we connect with something beyond ourselves,and yet still there is that claustrophobia of being trapped in our bodies and minds..but its the humans mind what keeps them trapped in the avatar body suit,as our soul can traverse in all dimensional planes without the body suit in a immortal state of energy...people have forgotten they can all step outside the matrix anytime they wish,we are not trapped here as we tend to believe..


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