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Is anybody familiar with 'Astrotheology?'

I'd say that it is worth researching. My first exposure to the ideas of astrotheology were through the film Zeitgist. Since then, I've gone on to research the work of other experts in the field like Santos Bonacci, Michael Tsarion, Manly P. Hall, Jordan Maxwell.

I have learned more about the bible in the past two months of researching than I did with 10 years of formal religious learning. It's not just the bible I learned about either.. It's word origins, religious origins, collective customs/history, workings and alignments of the solar system and much, much more.

Astrotheology has existed since the beginning of humanity and most of us have never heard of it. Astrotheology is what Astrology is based upon. It is the original knowledge.

Christianity deemed the study of astrotheology to be blasphemous, evil and subversive in 325 AD. Many hundreds of millions of people were tortured and murdered because of their knowledge of it. As christianity took hold across the globe, the knowledge went underground and became passed along in codes and symbols.

2000 years later.. that hidden(occult) and secret(esoteric) knowledge is coming to the surface. We can all study and learn from this "forbidden" knowledge now. I encourage you to do so. It has changed the way I look at the world around me..

I also think that astrotheology should be required learning within our education system.

I'm amazed that I have lived 44 years on this planet and am only now hearing about some of this repressed science.

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astronomy Should be required learning. Not sour why you think something that has no true basis in science should be a required field of study in school. But I agree that it is very interesting and maby could be an elective if people wanted to learn it.

I am somewhat surprised that this old thread hasn't received more replies than it has.

I have an old audio file on my computer from Jordan Maxwell and I gave it another listen last week (first time in a few years), and like re-reading an old book, I discovered new nuggets of information in the lecture.

After listening to the lecture on my computer, it seems to be that the overall concept of astrotheology is that all of the major religions are based upon astrology. There may be some merit in this, as we all know the story of Moses handing down the 10 commandments to the Hebrews as they were worshiping a golden calf.

I've always heard the story growing up, but I never realized this may have signified the age of Taurus, Moses was the bring in the "New Age", the age of Aries, finally as Jesus makes his appearance we enter into the "New Age" of Pisces, spanning roughly 2,150 years per age. As it stands we are now about to enter the age of Aquarius (as per the song), however I've read this may still be several hundred years off depending on your astrological discipline.

The study leads one to conclude that all Abrahamic religious are based upon astrology, and I find it interesting that many Pagan traditions are big into astrology as well.

The answer I'm trying to hunt down now is: Is the Zodiac arbitrary?

What I mean by that is, I've come to the conclusion that pretty much all major religions (Paganism included) were basically "made up" at some point by various cultures. I'm not saying there isn't a God, I assume there is, I'm just trying to determine what is truly of the divine and what is man made gobbelty-g***.

If the Zodiac is a arbitrary product of some ancient culture and nothing more than it's a fascinating study of the history of civilization sure, but does it really have a place in the spiritual mind? Can it be used as a tool to better understand our creator? Or is it simply another set of man made laws?

Interesting questions to ponder. My jury is still out. Lots to read and contemplate on.

The more I learn about religion it seems the more I teeter with the notion of Agnosticism.

More interesting reading from a Christian perspective is the "Star of Bethlehem" . My mother gave me this DVD for Christmas a few years back.

The first half is kind of dry I admit, but try to follow along and pay attention. The latter half made the hairs on my neck stand up... it's on you tube...

I’d say it is worth researching also. Astro-theology and astro-archeology hold some very interesting perspectives.

Sure, Christianity deemed it blasphemous. Owning a telescope during the times of the Inquisition could be a death sentence. Contradicting the Church authorities that the Earth orbited around the Sun could land you in a torture dungeon. Oh well, we live and learn.

Ancient cultures built their myths around the stars. If you could observe the movement of the heavenly bodies in a dedicated manner, like the ancient priests and priestesses, the theology of their times is played out over the cycles of orbits and movements of the Sun, the Moon, the Milky way, and elliptical planets.

Some Navaho I spoke with said their oral traditions go back 16,000 years

I looked into this subject many years ago...

Do not agree with some of what is written , yet

I do find value in the information...;)

However , I find it interesting no one caught the O.P.'s

crazy ass claim :

"Christianity deemed the study of astrotheology to be blasphemous,

evil and subversive in 325 AD. Many hundreds of millions of people

were tortured and murdered because of their knowledge of it."

Excuse me...but ***hundreds of millions*** of people killed in 325 AD. ?! ***what*** alternate universe is *this* person living in ?

( and people think I am strange )...LOL...

You are kinder than me there , sir...;)


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