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at do you do with sigil/spell type items after they have worked?

Just wondering what others do, trying to brooden my options with some of your great ideals.

I like to use sigils, but i think it would be the same with spell components or talismans or other such items.... my question is say i make a sigils to achieve some end, and after it is completed... what to do with them?

I keep mine secreted away from the world and dont want to keep them lieing around for ever lol, i disposs of them after i feel it is time in many ways, but would like to hear others methods, if you dont mind sharing.


Please dont comemt from something u read in a book, not to sound mean, but.... looking for real experienced brother and sisters living the ways.


Peace and bright blessings,


and thanks in advance!

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Throw them in the garbage. In a separate bag of course.

Depends on the item. Some I bury, some I burn, some I just put in the garbage, and some decay naturally.

I suggest burning it, but people might disagree with me. I don't see it as a disrespectful thing.


Burn baby burn

ok, so to clarify what i was looking for i will give u one of my ideals of ....recycling lol.  all the comments so far are right on track to what i was expecting, the usualy methods.

One of my ideals is to take my ones that have ran the course, so to speak, and do something different with them.

I have about 4 i think i will take and do the usual with, burn... then mix the ashes with some coal i have in a pestle and grind it all up, then carve out some designs on my wand,alter,staff...etc etc.... and use the coal or extra of gem scraps i have laying about, and inlay the ashes of power and gems ( i guess depends on the items purpose and the gems qualities) into a item... kind of a recycling of power, or just a cool way to reuse.


My other thought was to take healing items i have, that i dont want to use in the above, and shread/cut up the item; mix with some other ingredients and make a fretilizer or potting soil out of, and plant something cool in a pot, say lucky bamboo or even cooler healing herbs! lol


So i hope this gives you a better ideal of what i was looking for, now i will glady read your ideals.... but im looking for actual experiences in this type of work.


So if you reply please state weither of not it is a ideal or something u have actually done.


Peace and bright blessings.


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