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Hello! This is my first post, so please do let me know if I err in any way. 

I am 28, and I'm just starting to get into paganism, after many years of recovering from the very problematic Christian environment I was raised in. For a long time I just considered myself agnostic, but was frightened of going any further. Not that I was afraid of paganism or witchcraft or anything like that - I've always been interested in paganism, but was just so turned off of any sort of spirituality at all. My partner was already pagan for a few years before, just a few months ago, it was like a switch in me was suddenly turned on - I was ready to start. I've been going slowly, experimenting with things, and feeling my way into a path I'd like to follow.

My full question for the rest of you is: How old were you when you started identifying as a pagan (or whatever term you'd like to use!), and what lead you to that moment?

If there are already posts like this I apologize - I looked back a few months and didn't see anything recent, and think it would be a fun way to get to know people!

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Although I always felt different than most people, I began to consider myself pagan in my early teens.

It's awesome that you had an early start! Did you grow up in a community that was accepting of that kind of thing?

No, I always had to hide. I knew no other pagan people growing up.

That must have been lonely, dude, I'm sorry. So glad the Internet's around now!

Your story is almost identical to mine. I'm 26. Two weeks ago that switch in me turned on. I was raised Christian as well. Church at least once a week, bible studies, the works. My partner is pagan. We have different beliefs but that's not an issue for us. I'm just beginning my journey.

It's nice to know my situation isn't unusual. :) Did you switch right from Christian to pagan, or did you have kind of a resting period like I did?

I knew instantly I wanted to research witchcraft(the first thing I googled was "how to become a witch") and that sent me to some pretty awesome reading. I haven't done much reading on the gods yet. I'm still adjusting my thought process which as I'm sure you know automatically goes to Christian phrases, bible verses and the like. Now I thank mother earth for my meals and beautiful weather. As I gain some confidence in my knowledge base I'll decide on the specifics and then I'll finally be able to worship and celebrate.

I do know how hard those habits are to break, haha. Especially the praise aspect. I also found it hard to learn to depend on myself for things, instead of just running to pray my problems away as I'd been taught to.

I've started off performing small actions, tiny rituals like leaving little gifts on my partner's altar. Neither of us worship anyone specific, so it's like a gift to the universe. I think your way of doing things sounds right (but obviously I'm not an expert, if there even is such a thing).

What kind of magick or rituals are you leaning towards so far? 

Traditional witchcraft seems more my style. I like the fluidity of it. Wicca is a little too structured for me. I have no idea as to the type of rituals I want to do. I feel like, all I really need are simple spells and such to better the health and happiness of myself and those I care for. I'm not really interested in gaining power or authority. I've thought about looking for a coven but I rarely fit into organized groups. I'm trying to maintain an open mind and sincere heart and see where it leads me. I like what you said about leaving the gifts. What do you leave? Food? Money? I don't know how that works.

Yeah, I'm not into Wicca either, as I do want to cobble together my own spiritual practices and such. I'm considering choosing a god or something to focus on, but for now, I'm fine without.

For gifts, I always assumed that you can leave whatever you want! Flowers are good, pretty leaves, little stones, or acorns, or burning incense. I don't leave money because I figure the universe isn't gonna have much use for it sitting on an altar - but I think if you made a small donation to something, that would count as well?

Hello , Laurence...

This is where the search box , on the top left , when you

click on "most recent" posts on "Forum" button , helps

one greatly ( most of the time ) here , onsite...;)

This is just one of many , many , many , threads on this site , about this subject...

Relatively recent...ending about two weeks , or so ago...

Do try that search box , as it can , if you input the right phrasing ,

assist one in finding what one is interested in...

Best on your path !

Ah! So sorry, I'm still learning to navigate the site! Next time I will for sure use the search box. Originally I just scrolled through the threads, but I guess not everything shows up that way. Thank you!


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