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Hello! This is my first post, so please do let me know if I err in any way. 

I am 28, and I'm just starting to get into paganism, after many years of recovering from the very problematic Christian environment I was raised in. For a long time I just considered myself agnostic, but was frightened of going any further. Not that I was afraid of paganism or witchcraft or anything like that - I've always been interested in paganism, but was just so turned off of any sort of spirituality at all. My partner was already pagan for a few years before, just a few months ago, it was like a switch in me was suddenly turned on - I was ready to start. I've been going slowly, experimenting with things, and feeling my way into a path I'd like to follow.

My full question for the rest of you is: How old were you when you started identifying as a pagan (or whatever term you'd like to use!), and what lead you to that moment?

If there are already posts like this I apologize - I looked back a few months and didn't see anything recent, and think it would be a fun way to get to know people!

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Yes.. it helps to have the madness I have... which causes me to enjoy grovelling in the dirt and shovelling manure...

On the bright side, I get to be outdoors and then there's the food.

In urban situations there are many potentials for action. I used to teach school in S-Central L.A. (Watts-Compton area) and noticed that nearly every lot was 1/4 acre, yet nobody was growing food and the neighborhood was rampant with crime and dysfunction. I've thought many times I wish I'd have tried to start some sort of gardening project. As a teacher I already had good relations with the community, including the Crips, and could have pulled it off probably... ah well that's one opportunity I missed.

Imagine turning Watts-Compton into a garden spot! This sort of thing is possible in many places, including small towns.

When I was around 10-11 years old, so over 20 years!

I was 25 (am 27 now). Spent a lot of time trying to find a religion that worked with how I understood the world, then realised there wasn't really a single one that I didn't have at least one large issue with until I hit the version of Celtic paganism I practice. 

It took a while for me to really admit to myself that I was pagan, though. I had an altar, I made offerings, but I was very secretive about it. I'm still quite private about it, but I regard that as different than secretive. Now pagan is simply what I am, but I don't announce it to the world if I don't need to. I just practice, and if people notice, that's fine by me. When I was 25, I was actively trying to hide it.

I originally started looking into Wicca practices, but then found the celtic pantheon. Then in all honesty, I was meditating one day and was visited by Brighid, and we had a conversation. After a few of these conversations, I noticed a male spirit was also present, and asked Brighid about him. Turned out to be Manannan, who began conversing with me. After that, Manannan became the main entity who conversed with me in that way, and subsequently became my primary deity. I certainly observe the others, and have practices for each of them, but Manannan is the main one.

Um, 15-16 when I started into Wicca, 18 when I completely gave up on Christianity, and 18 when I started using the term Pagan. I follow my brand of CR/GP, but its easier to just identify as Pagan initially. I'm 28 now .

I was probably leaning pagan in kindergarten, when I began questioning why Adam and Eve had belly buttons when they didn't have mothers...and got kicked out of Sunday school for asking "inappropriate" questions. (My mom had told me that that was where the leash was attached so she couldn't misplace me when she was pregnant...hey, it worked for a 4 year old with a high IQ!)

I became active as a solitary in my 20s, following a Native American path for the most part with personal adjustments which "felt right" at the time. I have developed a type of hybrid of native and wiccan practices which feels right for me now. At 62, I still do my personal pipe ceremonies sky clad, and try to do it outdoors whenever possible.

Kinda funny how I got into it

I'm 26 currently I do believe it was around the time I was 15(I was living in Florida at the time) when I started off. Being told by a friend about Paganism and at the time I had been searching for answers to many questions that the religion that I grew up in pretty much couldn't answer. I had been fascinated with what I thought were gone (religions of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt just to name a few) Obsessed with Stonehenge and other ancient sites and with legends of magic. (King Authur, Merlin etc.) never knowing that they were still around because Southern and Baptist.  When my friend told me she was Pagan it blew my dang mind! I dug more into it looking though anything I could get my hands on. Had the same recurring dream that my other friend said was a sign. So I started the whole year and a day bit behind my religious mother's back. Originally was into Wicca but phased into a more traditional Witchcrft/Druid/shamanism grey magick path...thing that I fallow currently.

Nearly all my life. When I was a child growing up in a Christian home I knew everything felt wrong. At age 7 I began calling myself a Buddhist, who believed in a god and not in reincarnation. After that I began to study. Read the Bible, the Quarantine, and other religious texts. They all felt wrong too, until I found Paganism. It made historical sense in its truth, logical sense in its belief, and it was worldwide, and supported magic and LGBTQ which Christianity both said were wrong.

The WTF ?

"Quarantine" ???

In my teens when I started to get into witchcraft, about 16.

I would have to say birth because my mother was a practicing wiccan when I was born.

As a child I was interested in the craft. In my teen years I experimented with different religions. They all seemed wrong to me. I stumbled upon Wicca and fell in love. Honestly, it took me a while to identify but I would say about the age of 15 or 16 I connected more with it. It wasn't until the past year that I really started using the title "Pagan" or "Wiccan." But to avoid conflict with several Christians in my family I kept it to myself. Honestly your story reminds me a lot of what I went through. What really brought me to that point of wanting to be a pagan was realizing that I am my own person, this is what I wanted and, it made me happy.


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