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So after a dream and a series of contemplations and serious considerations, I've decided to leave my humble studio apartment behind and hit the street. My experiences of being without home in the past are mixed but they have always turned out more adventurous and very meaningful. Beyond this, I wish to unglue myself from the computer monitor and interact more with folk in the world around. I get a monthly paycheck and will be using for things other than rent... including, hitting the road and going off to see places near and far.

I thought I'd ask the crowd here - does anyone have suggestions for locations around the US which would be of interest to an eclectic pagan? Places of magic/mystery, locations of public shrines, groups or individuals worth visiting, etc.

Going to use the extra available time to take martial arts classes, do some gardening, and generally see the lands. Good ol' fashion adventuring! All that's missing is a dungeon.

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I would wait until spring , then hit the road ,

and do the round of Pagan festivals , and

music fests , like Faerieworlds in Oregon ,

Pantheacon in California , and others you

can find listed on Witchvox in the mideast

and midwest...

In the process , you shall meet many folk ,

and be guided to the right place , right time...

I would not go in fall / winter...been there , done that...;)

First let me say that I am sooo jealous. In theory, I can work anywhere, but I am tied to phone and email so wandering isn't currently an option. On recommendations, I recently read a Travel book on Salem Massachusetts which has relatively recently identified the execution spot, and is trying to figure out what to do about it. You should avoid going there the weeks around Halloween as its an obnoxious chaotic mess. However, from what I've read, the rest of the year its nice. It's a very old (by U.S.) standards town with lots of history, and has a good sized openly pagan population.

I don't have any connection to the tradition, but I have wanted to visit Marie Laveau's tomb in New Orleans. Bring an offering get a blessing.

Shawn - While I am hitting the street starting Sept 1st, I am in fact already waiting on the traveling-across-the-country part until next year, so that works. Until then I'll be sticking mostly to the city of Portland. Gives time to save up and make the best of it. Faeriworlds in particular is a must, and somehow I forgot about the actual festivals which happen... That sounds GREAT! Thanks!

Medb - Salem, MA... Funny there is a Salem, OR too, heheh. Might eventually get around to both. I do wonder what the best time of year to go there would be, and how I would go about successfully meeting the pagans who live there.
Marie Laveau, sounds like an interesting person. I would like to investigate Voodoo matters at some point - should probably go to New Orleans regardless.

Nephele - I have been homeless multiple times in the past and have always maintained an Internet presence. Currently debating whether or not to bring my laptop with me on my adventures. I know several homeless folk who do but I aspire to the likes of Gandalf or Aragorn, who travel all about the realms and carry almost nothing but their clothing and basic arms/tools. I might consider replacing my laptop with a wifi-connecting ipod at some point.
I would love to keep you all updated... That part seems like it will start mostly next year. And the suggestions for places to visit as I go sounds excellent.

That's a very kind offer; may take you up on it. :)

Come to Yosemite!

Why, you live close by? Heheh I may go. America has National Parks up the arse... Have to figure out which ones to visit. Would like to see the geysers.

Yeah in central Cali. It's beautiful here.

He has another reply to Neph that explains it.

vagabond and hermit are two different things entirely.

You might be interested in other events such as pow-wows and ren fairs along your travels.

Alright thought of the ren fair option, hoping to go to one in Colorado next Summer; pow-wow sounds nice, I have been to one so I'd like to find ones which stand out somehow; also I have a desire to visit a native reservation where I wouldn't be frowned on / beat up, maybe speak to elders if they are open to it.


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