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So after a dream and a series of contemplations and serious considerations, I've decided to leave my humble studio apartment behind and hit the street. My experiences of being without home in the past are mixed but they have always turned out more adventurous and very meaningful. Beyond this, I wish to unglue myself from the computer monitor and interact more with folk in the world around. I get a monthly paycheck and will be using for things other than rent... including, hitting the road and going off to see places near and far.

I thought I'd ask the crowd here - does anyone have suggestions for locations around the US which would be of interest to an eclectic pagan? Places of magic/mystery, locations of public shrines, groups or individuals worth visiting, etc.

Going to use the extra available time to take martial arts classes, do some gardening, and generally see the lands. Good ol' fashion adventuring! All that's missing is a dungeon.

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If you find yourself around Colorado USA, I've found the people in Nederland to be very accommodating. It's not our kind by default, but look for the Loveshovel crew if you're looking for poets. 

Not sure how magickal since I have never been but there is a Bell Witch cave in Adams, TN. Supposedly, this family accused their maid of stealing and fired her. She put a curse on them and ran off and lived in this cave.

Also, all along the trail of tears is supposed to be haunted by natives who died along the route.

As far as money, Tom Ashbrook on NPR was just doing a segment about vagabonds in America and the ways they make money.


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