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being pagan, yet loving the Holiday/Christmas season?

Im not gonna lie, i am that weirdo that listens to Christmas music 24/7 once it comes on the radio. everything must be decorated. everything must be perfect. must watch every christmas show and movie. I love the excitement and colors. the snow. the lights. i have way too much christmas spirit. the only thing i dont celebrate is the whole "jesus' birthday".

  Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Yule. Happy Holidays.

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I love the Christmas season! Heck, I just got my kid an advent calendar today. I insist on a real tree every year, and I spend the weekend after Thanksgiving decorating. To me, it's a cultural thing, one I am more than happy to indulge in.

i spend days decorating right after thanksgiving

Oh Gods I haven't done advent since Catholic grade school.

Omg, Catholic school was awesome. At least for me. It's what sparked my interest in occult studies and paganism. Anyone that wants a good look at ritualism should go to a Catholic Church during Advent and Lent.

I went to Catholic charities preschool all the way to a Catholic college but my grade school was probably more Catholic than anywhere else.  We would gather in the hallway and light the advent wreath. Yes I agree. There is a lot of mysticism going on in those places. I always joke with my friend who says that Catholic schools are a breeding ground for gays and occultists lol!

For being so anti-pagan, Christian holidays are remarkably pagan, especially Christmas. I'm not talking about misappropriation; the actual practices and rituals are wonderfully pagan. They follow their own wheel of the year. At Easter they re-enact the crucifixion and resurrection as if it's actually happening in the present. At Christmas, they say "for unto us a child is born" not "a child *was* born." 

Though there are still some who decry the use of pagan symbols, that sentiment seems to have lost any momentum. In general, Christians cherish even the most overtly pagan aspects of Yule. It seems only natural - even beautiful - that Pagans and Christians should celebrate together in this way.

 your not supposed to notice that stuff. lol

Odd that Christmas is exatly during winter solstice when the Sun appears to 'die'

and lay still on horizon, for 3 days then start rising in the sky again, by 1 degree each

day(starting on dec 25th) and heading toward spring! the daystar, He has risen!

    I always have to chuckle a bit on inside when Christians badmouth pagans, when all

their holidays and rituals pretty much come straight out of old pagan practices. oh well,

I don't bother explaining, wouldn't do anygood, live and let live, and I to listen to Christmas

music, why not, its relaxing, reminds me of my childhood.

Christmas is practically Saturnalia, even down to the religious aspect.  Just a different god and different reason for the season.  I always decorate as the ancient Romans did, and wear special colors and enjoy the prep for the season.  I even add pagan words to Christmas songs.

I love this season! Decorating with holly, garlands, and a tree comes from the original pagan holiday. The Yule Log is also Pagan. I love Christmas music but I have gathered a large playlist of music which excludes songs about jesus. I have found some fun unique songs along the way like "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". I also take part in my family's traditional european traditions like St. Nikolaus day. For me the holiday is about gathering together with friend and family and sharing warm company(instead of the birth of Jesus). However, the holidays are a lot less fun when there aren't any small children in your family who get excited about Santa/St. Nikolaus so I understand why some people aren't interested in it.

Yule Season IS Pagan.........ENJOY!

Agreed.  Easter, Christmas and such has plenty of Pagan overtones or out right borrowed. I celebrate with my family. I respect their holidays and they do mine. I also want my children to have be best of both worlds though since they are young its easier to blend. We decorate for Yule, and have a camp fire (last year it started to snow :) )and yap. We put out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, but also old world traditions like 3 Kings day where we tuck hay in our shoes and put them out side for the camels on their long trip. I see no problem with it. Enjoy!

There is nothing wrong with it at all.


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