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Beings who come from space and cant find themselves their own homes

So I wrote earlier about how I wanted to help the beings in the mall well after I went to college for my math class a bunch of them came after me pretending they were from god and they were going to convinve me to not listen to music and take my meds so they could all … die.. I mean church could kill them but basically only if they went to church with me and allowed it to work for them. 

I left the computer lab to see my boyfriend, JUSTIN , we are soulmates and confirmed Priest and Priestess of Satanism. He lives in a locked building. I was hoping I could have some private time to speak to him about what has been going on, Another of the ""PAN" people stalked me down the street causing me numerous pains in my body, I went into the Post Office right up the street from where he lives and another one (at least it felt like it) started "talking to me" at the entrance about HOW TO MAIL A LETTER AND WHERE THE BOX WAS AT ????????  I mean are they all retarded? I went up to the counter and the people were transmitting so much between themselves --- Post office workers that I felt like vomiting. I moved back several feet which seemed to make the male one9 there was a male and female there.. mad at me???? Moving back 4 feet from the counter in a post office - is there some one in these people that could look into this shit ? I mean damn its not even a good enough noise level in a POST office. SAD

So I went to see my boyfriend d----- 1st time visiting his house.  Of course "PAN " or whatever was there and told me as I entered that he /she "TOOK" all of the humans there so I wouldn't have anyone to talk to ??? I think that's really pathetic because those people want to have their own environment in there. I was sitting on a bench - in the building waiting on him and various males came out - in all different looks telling me you know that someone is trying to get me everywhere I go. I guess its because Im gray and I don't really want to cause all the trouble they do?

So we went to sit in the living room and as I was sitting talking to him I felt something crawl up the left side up me and kind of sit in the side of my body while maybe - eating something???? Really queer. I just wanted to talk to him and something kept trying to come in the room and sit in something or other? I mean there are "ROOMs" in my head but they are reserved for Satanists they aren't going to accept andy casual cruiser.

So I went across the street to check out the CAtholic church- picked up a brochure I will be calling to do a private confession.

What a day ,, I hope someone picks up these poor beings and gets them out of town soon they sure are beat up.

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I was talking to this guy today on the bus. He said he was a Christian minister but claimed God was an extraterrestrial force. It was getting really weird. He said aliens were watching us and in some ways controlling us but he still believed in Jesus as the son of God. I spent over two hours talking to this guy about different things as I was stuck on the bus with him. I was glad to get away from him.

I have had that conversation before also. I don't know why some people talk for years about things like god is alien. Its so obvious to me why take so much time on something so obvious :(


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