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I don't know about the rest of you, some of you may or may not have already crossed a similar scenario in the past, but I haven't myself but it's something I thought I would bring up: Suppose that I were to find myself in a discussion of religious views and beliefs, in this case with someone who happened to be a Christian, and he/she were to ask me the question of, "Do you believe in God?" As an in-the-closet pagan, I would not want to feel 'put in the cauldron' if you will, by this sort of question. I think it would be good to be prepared before hand to avoid stumbling around or trying to dodge the question. I'm sure many of you would be straight-out with your own response. However, were I ever to be in a conversation with a person(s) and was asked if I believed in God, my answer would simply be that I believed in something different than that of 'God'. It might not be the best answer, but I would hope that I would be careful enough with my answer as to not accidentally alarm or raise eyebrows, esp. by simply saying no.

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Some thing me and my little sister came up with just a few hours ago was we believe in a god, just not the Christian interpretation of god.
Thank you, that's the response that I would probably aim for.

You could just say "yes" and see where it goes from there, if anywhere.


I think giving any further info DOES invite questioning. Just say "yes" and let them assume it is "their" god if they want to, what difference will it make?


I'm afraid that if you say "not the one you're talking about" - well, I understand what that means in the language, but it imples, and maybe subconciously reinforces, the idea that the "default" god or "standard" god is the Christian one, and you are worshipping an "alternative god"


And that is "true" in a way considering the way we use language, but then again it is not true at all


Just say "yes" and if that ends the conversation, fine. If not, and they persist asking questions, well tell them the truth proudly. Again, they will handle it or they won't, what real difference does it make?

If anything, it is a chance to teach them something.

I consider the deities of all religions to be real and valid. They are fueled by belief and belief being personal is always true. Doesn't mean they are deities I work with, but I am not going to play the game of "my Gods are realer than yours" So I would just say yes. :D
^ the way I'd answer as well
Ditto to what Dream said.
I agree. But also when it comes to Jesus, I have a similar stance. Do I believe that Jesus existed? I would say that it's possible. But do I believe that he is my savior? Then my answer would be no. aren't lying if you say you do believe in god.

As Shakespeare said, "a rose by any name would smell as sweet," the point being that the name of something is irrelevant.  I think God is God under any name, and whether you perceive God as female or an Egyptian half-animal, you would be correct so long as you believe it.  God certainly doesn't care.  God probably thinks it's funny, since--by definition--God has a perfect sense of humor! 


I'd recommend taking it lightly.  Life is NOT serious business.

I would say, "Yes, I believe in Gods." :)

Try "Of course I believe in a higher power."  If they bring up Jesus, try "He was a great man for his time."  If they ask if you are christian, try "No, I'm just a spiritual person."
As a former Apologist and Bible Teacher who is a Pagan of over a year now, I do not see the issue with question. All Pagan believe in a god, sometimes multiples. It is always good to broach the subject cautiously, but never with fear. If they are open to the discussion you can bring up the feminine aspect in the hebrew faith as addressed in many text and recent discoveries. It is always good to study and discuss with all peoples. To use a NT Scriputre "Study to show yourself approved" I find that it holds just as true for pagans as christians.


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