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Well Big Beaver moon  LOL immature  I know could not resist  Well I know it is suppose to  be the biggest this year and in along time  and it it is in Taurus ! Anybody  know what magic to do at this time I was hoping to,  set my attentions  For a few things  mainly protection and finacess of my family and to build  my  business and  strengthen relationships.

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The sun is in Scorpio so we immerse ourselves in what is mysterious and unseen. But the Taurus full moon is the grounding tethering us to what is tangible and visible. With Taurus's ruling planet, Venuse, in capable Capricorn, part of what grounds us in this two- week period is the work that we do and the goals we've set for ourselves. Spending a little time in nature is the best way to honor the Taurus full moon.


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