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Black Friday madness: Grandfather body-slammed by cops, two shot and woman pepper-sprays rival shoppers on day of chaos

Get back: Crowds of Black Friday shoppers attempt to push their way through security staff moments after the doors opened outside of Best Buy at the Mall of Americain Bloomingtyon, Minnesota, on Friday

  • Woman uses pepper spray on other shoppers at Wal-Mart in Los Angeles
  • Twenty people were injured by 'competitive shopping' attack, say authorities
  • Elsewhere woman, 55, is shot by robbers outside South Carolina Wal-Mart
  • Another shopper wounded in California robbery as fights break out in U.S.
  • Off-duty cop uses pepper spray to quell Wal-Mart scuffle in North Carolina
  • Electronics stands were torn down and DVDs were trampled on by shoppers
  • Estimated 152 million people expected to shop over Black Friday weekend
  • Gunfire erupted at North Carolina mall at 2am near food court entrance
  • Robot removes suspicious device from fridge at Arizona Wal-Mart store

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Each year Black Friday seems to be getting more and more violent as people crowd into stores to shop the sales.  This year many stores even opened at midnight Thanksgiving to give shoppers more time to shop, but this did not seem to quell tensions between shoppers.  What do you think about the increasing violence on Black Friday?  Do you think there is a direct correlation between the poor economy and the violence increasing?


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I think its just pathetic how we are so consumed by consumerism. We should be enjoying our families and the holidays instead of lining up outside some store to buy some toy that we do not even need, that is most likely made in China. I just shake my head at the idiots who line up for deals that will most likely be on for the whole week. Did you see the morons who were acting like savage beasts trying to get there greedy hands on a $2.00 waffle maker at a Wal-Mart. I also think that the average person has no clue that the economy is going to crash real hard here soon. All they care about is what they can buy and brag to their friends what they bought at some stupid Black Friday sale.


I live up here in Canada and we do not have Black Friday. What we do have is a day called Boxing Day and its on Dec 26th the day after Yule. Canadians are not better when it comes to acting like idiots and standing outside a store or mall for hours just to safe some money on something that they do not need.

Our Black Friday is named such because it is the hope of Corporate American that this one day of the year will help launch them out of the red and into the black.  What is sadly unknown is that many of these companies are in the red most of the year.  It is Christmas that gives them hope of surviving another year.  Yet in this economy even the big chains are tanking.  That is why they have to start pushing Christmas earlier and earlier each year, to build everyone up into a shopping frenzie.  The violence is a symptom of this buying frenzie.  

However, I do like your name better Raven, as Boxer Day more aptly describes how people are acting out there in the stores.  Pepper-spraying someone to get the first X-Box is uncivilized and disgusting.

Thanks for the compliment Lady Moonheart, and your name is very pretty. I agree with you on the pepper spraying someone for an xbox is just plain rude. Our society has gone to hell in a hand basket and its all be designed by the corporations.

I avoid Black Friday like the plague.  Even the name is enough to send chills down my spine.  LOL  There is just no product out on the market that would get me to go out and camp for 3 days in front of a store waiting to purchase it.  I do not care how much they reduced it. Our Best Buy looked like an Occupy encampment for three whole days.  Do these people even care about Thanksgiving or just move right from Halloween to Christmas.  Not surprising since they have been blitzed with advertising hype to buy since Sept.  It is such a shame that the more spiritual aspect of this holiday has been hi-jacked by Corporate America.

I went shopping on Black Friday, in the afternoon.  I was shocked to see not many shoppers in Sams Club.  I went to Brandsmart and it was busy but everyone was very polite and had smiles on their faces.  I purchased a 48 inch LED TV $250 off because it was Black Friday so it was worth it to me. 

I didn't encounter one rude person. 

You are fortunate, indeed.  What are your thoughts on someone who would pepper-spray 20 shoppers to get one of the first new X-Boxes?  How would you feel if you did encounter this type of behavior as many people did yesterday?

I'm sure this has to be a rhetorical question.  I'm also sure that the companies that hold Black Friday sales are not intending for people to act like asses.  You can not be suggesting that because I shopped on Black Friday that I support people pepper spraying other people.....are you??????

No, Shay.  I was not suggesting that.  I was only trying to get your opinion on the increasing violence and if you thought it might be a sign of the times with the economy being what it is.

Whew lol.  I just think people in general are getting more rude.  Our culture has become to relaxed and again....rude rude rude.  I don't think it has much to do with the times with this economy.   when I was growing up my Momma would have slapped me in the mouth for saying the stuff that comes out of the mouths of babes these days.  I still will pop my kids if they talk or act inappropriately and my children are all adults.

i don't do black friday shopping i  shop all year round.


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