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I'm looking for books, blogs, videos, experience, and any other related advice. As an experienced witch, I have not done any blood anything myself, but im thinking about using blood magic for a ritual I'm planning, but I would like to be fully informed before I dive down.

So the ritual will basically be to bind my wife and I to a promise we keep making to ourselves but have never been able to keep. It's just something along the lines of happy and healthy, but no matter what we do we always falter. We've used magick before, but it only lasted so long, which is why I think we need a blood binding of somesort.

Can anyone here give me resources or their own experience with blood magic?
Thank you!

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In my experience, blood magic is a very powerful form of binding an agreement. Blood has always been recognized as a life-force. Signing your name on a contractual agreement in your blood is an eternal commitment. Using blood magic to bind yourself to a person or entity could have some unforeseen repercussions simply because of the fact nobody can fully foresee the finality of such a matter.


Following is a hodge-podge of information about blood and magic. It gives you some thoughts to digest. Feel free to regurgitate anything that does not settle well.


In the steaming jungles of primal humans, lived the free and full rites of sex and blood. The object was to gain power and mastery over life. It was demanded through extreme actions that moved their will forward. These were the first human ancestors of all magicians. Domination was their formula to success. The mage may invoke his primal self by the use of blood.


Blood has the ability to condense astral fluid onto the physical plane. If these astral fluids are absorbed into the bloodstream, they become a health-giving force. If the blood is drawn out of the body, it becomes a vehicle for the will of the individual.


Write with blood to discover that blood is spirit. The person who writes in blood does not want to be read by many. The writing is for the eyes of only one or a chosen few.


Magic is based on sacrifice or exchange. Energy is never created or destroyed, it is transformed. Blood is life so it is a very powerful source of sacrifice or exchange. The energy of life is present in the blood.


I could go on-and-on with these euphemisms about blood but my reply would become too lengthy. The average reader on social media likes things short and sweet.

Blood magic is very powerful

I have used it but mostly as sacrifices to the gods. Let on some paper, and then burn it. In order to do so you must make sure all equipment is sterile before and afterwards. I used a razor. But some merely use needles for fingers.

Greetings  Tristan Krauter

I agree with  Jordan Ledgerwood and Enigma that Blood magic is very powerful and strong for binding work

and with  Lilith Adder that you must make sure all equipment is sterile before and afterwards,

and would add that you should properly take care of yourself not to introduce any germs into any healing openings you make into the skin..  do not cross-contaminate yourself if there is health risk and so on.  

Safety first, always.

I am always cautious about it's use in my pathwork and have not actually done much of it since 1973 when I did the classic "blood sisters" thing of opening a wound in the palm of my right hand to clutch an opened wound in the palm of her right hand so we became "as one" for life no matter where in the world or beyond it we happen to travel, we are always connected by DNA exchange. 

It has indeed kept us close across the years and across the miles, and I hope it will in death when time comes too.  

Nowadays, I tend to use less damaging methods as my immune system lets me down, and I am too prone to infections to take such a risk.

I am curious to gather if this is the only option you feel open to you as I am sure there are others you could do in it's stead...  but I would never say you shouldn't if that's what you feel you must do, your path is your path and the choices you make are not for others to dismiss or approve.  So long as the other person involved gives consent and follows same health and safety sense.

I am not aware of any resources to point you at myself as I've not looked into it during my studies.  I know there are those who practice using it for various reasons, but never spoken to them so I am of little use there.

I use to cut myself but other than that I don't have much experience with blood magic . Please be safe though Blessings be

I am Lord of the Order of the Old Ones. We practice blood, chaos and black magick. There are all kinds of ways to go in your situation. Remember blood magick always comes with a cost, but then there are always ways around that. My only suggestion is EDUCATE yourself heavily before making any moves regarding blood magick. If you are not fully prepared, don't attempt it. Christian Day wrote a witches handbook that may help you out. He's more of a necromancer but same rules apply. My favorite quote from him is this:

"In real Witchcraft, there are no rules. Morality and ethics are situational and dependent upon the culture, upbringing, and personal philosophy of the Witch. There are times, such as when danger is imminent, that the Witch must take defensive action. It is not evil to protect yourself, your family, and your community. The competent Witch learns to work within the balance of nature and the tides of magic."
-- Christian Day

Here is an oath binder your wife and you could try. Mix rum, gun powder, graveyard dirt, and blood taken from the arm of your wife and you into a cup. Each of you drink from the mixture then state the purpose of the oath. Good Luck!

Blood and the Binding - stays TIGHT and unbroken throughout ALL of the Lives Re-Birthed.
That does not mean either that you re-unite with those that you have Blood Oathed too...but you will still have a connective attachment - which can become a whole nest of troubles and issues.

Once you have 'Fed' the Blood (by whatever means chosen at the time) it will continue to demand...

It can NEVER< EVER< EVER be undone.....

The Files attachment restricts the size of File downloaded..
So if you REALLY want some reading matter on the subject that takes you outside of the "Games" Dungeons and Dragons Fake info...then you may message me and I will Email (subject again to file size allowed) 

Blood Sorcery and Necromancy

Blood Beliefs in Early Europe
Blood Magic - Anthropology of the Menstrual

Significance of Blood in Religion and Magic Rituals in Morocco

Blood in Hittite Ritual



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