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So I go on a topic today with my friends and my wife and we were all talking about how it would be cool to step into the others shoes. Picking fun at changing with my wife and a few of the others all got it going on how it is not possible even if one was willing or not. So they asked me more on the topic of magic and if anyone I know of has done it or knows how. I go early thank it would be great to see from the other side of the coin so to speak as long as I can go back after but was wondering anyone here know how this would work or if anyone has ever succeeded at this it has interested my interest of the craft again after many years of life dragging me away from the craft but as a shaman the spirits are always there with us even if we stop listening

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The movie The Skeleton Key has a body switch scene not to disclose the clue for those who have not seen it but maybe you can watch that on Youtube.

Lol that is funny just a honest question if anyone has stuffed into the mind soul frequency that is associated with mind powers out there with astral projection trying to understand how we work on a spiritual level. Started the subject talking about a bit of research talking about how we are spiritual beings that long ago were trapped in these shells by a trickster group that wanted us as lossed labor so just wondering has anyone tried to learn how to get out and use another shell would be kinda cool to do but who knows

Can we just take a minute to reflect upon how creepy "Freaky Friday" really is? Think about it...

I do lol but it is a interesting concept to thank about

Magick like this doesn't exist and if you attempted it, it would probably have disastrous results. Not because it did not 'work', but because you could end up mentally ill. I have no desire to "swap bodies" with anyone.

It is more of a understanding of what we are in ancient days some say that the forms of Tantra was used to conceive young ones that are made on the 4th dementional plain were the couple would leave there body's and energeticly become Intimate with each other sometimes with in the body of the other at distances that are quite great there is even story's in some very old books that talk about using it to take over body's switching places with one and all but the topic is still the same all and all is it possible and what would it take to do this kind of thing have been looking for a long time for someone that has done some of the feats that guide us to better explore the ancients story that we are just beings of energy draped in these golem forms to do the works of some other thing what ever it is we will never find truth if we do not test every truth there is and see with our own eyes what is out there


The 21st century mind tends to think way too literally. Our ancestors were metaphoric thinkers which is the natural mode for humans. I haven’t seen anyone do a swap, but you can step into someone else’s body with a little open empathy. Animals are a little harder unless you’re very familiar with them. My youngest daughter grew up with cats and spent a year as a cat, which made for interesting interactions with her ballet teacher particularly when she answered questions with a realistic meow.

Wait, I was wrong; I have seen swapping. My two oldest a boy and girl are very close in age, and they swapped personalities and clothes for a day. It was most impressive as they did each other to a tee. Or, maybe it was more than acting--you never know.

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."
—Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee).


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