So seratonin is the brain checmical that 'makes us feel happy', melatonin makes us sleepy, oxytocin apparently makes us bond and fall in love.  How do you feel about human experience being boiled down to merely neurotransmitters being produced/taken up in the brain?  Do you feel that there has to a spiritual component too?  Or do you think that taking such a view is being overly sentimental?

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"How do you feel about human experience being boiled down to merely neurotransmitters being produced/taken up in the brain?  Do you feel that there has to a spiritual component too?  "

why not both?



In my opinion its blending of both that makes up down here, though the spirit is here to learn things for which the vehicle are bodies are also here to learn on different level. So we are co-partners in this relationship of life and as such both have roles to play. Though I agree our Spirit self controls more then our flesh as long as we make a point to strive to grow in spirit, it is then more about the spirit. However the more we listen to our animal or flesh the less we are in control of the whole.

From experience I can tell you that brain chemistry is a huge factor, but it isn't everything. I suffer from depression and have been struggling with it for years. I know that brain chemistry plays a part because I've buckled down many times and said to myself "I'm just not going to let this happen anymore. I want to be happy now." and it just doesn't work. But the something else for me is soul pain. It isn't just chemicals making me feel crappy. My soul is tired somehow. Hard to explain and possibly odd sounding, but it's truly what it feels like for me. So I suppose the soul is what I think the deciding factor is. We know certain chemicals do certain things, but things like love, depression, fear, spirituality, these come from the soul and from the non-literal heart. This is my opinion on the matter.

My soul is tired somehow. Hard to explain and possibly odd sounding, but it's truly what it feels like for me.


Really, it makes perfect sense.  Of all the people who responded to this, you might be the only one who understands the difference between the soul and brain chemicals as having similar goals and different doctrine.


:) Firah

chemical imbalances are real! lol i have anxiety pretty bad, and i should be on my pills i havent taken em for about week probably. bleh, you can tell a difference though, and to tell u the truth this topic makes me a bit panicky. theres definatly spirit. not all chemicals. its not too sentimental
I think it all depends upon the two individuals that experience these hormones... And I also think that is something that cannot be controlled. If you take human emotion, then try to make it a synthetic ability, the only thing you are getting is false reality.
i think its bull, i could kiss a guy and my oxytocin make me love him.....but am i really in love with him or just his cant confirm everything or give reasons for everything. neither can logic  or religion.

I'm finding all the responses really interesting.  So what do you all think about putting chemicals into your body to have a spitirual experience?  I've had some of my most spiritual experiences on psychadelics, because I think they allow you to see the world in a different light and they can also aloow you to glimpse different dimensions/planes.  I don't feel that this is just the action of chemicals though.  I like to think that the plant that I have taken has a spirit and it is this spirit that is guiding me in the experience and showing me the the things that I am seeing.  I guess you could argue the same thing about 'normal' brain chemicals, something has to guide the release of them, and this could possibly be both body or brain.


In regards to the people suffering from depression or anxiety, my heart goes out to you.  I was a mental health worker for 4 years, and I agree that it can be caused/exacerbated by a plethora of things.  I hope that you all find some form of relief.  I personally don't think anti-depressants are a good solution long-term, because once you stop taking them, if it wasn't merely a chemical imbalance, then the negative self-beliefs, thought patterns or life factors are still there.  But I do think they have their place in terms of temporary relief for crisis points in your life.


I think science can only tell us so much within it's own current undertsanding.  Just because there is not evidence for something it doesn't not mean it doesn't exist, just that we don't have the means to perceive or measure it yet.  I was really pleased when I flicked through my frined's copy of New Scientist recently to see that there are lots of radical unusual ideas (such as precognition) being researched and published.  It seems that science itself is quite openminded but the media filter that reports it is narrowminded.


Wow..bit of a monlogue, my brain is far too on the go for a Sunday mroning!  Apologies!

It's a monthly science magazine - they report new findings and studies.  They normally do really balanced articles that are quite easy to understand even if you're not a science boff.


Psychadelics aren't for everyone, I'm not in any way saying everyone should do them!  I think they should only be done when you have researched the substance, feel confident that you can handle them and are with people you completely trust.  However saying that, people have been using mushrooms, ayahuasca etc for thousands of years, so the idea of using them for religion/spirituality is not actually that radical.  A friend with MS reently did an ayahuasca retreat and came back saying that it was one of the most life chaging things he has ever done.  And it also imprived his physical syptoms too.  But again, I'm not recommending it, I just find it absolutely fascinating to talk about.

While there is a chemical component the soul is what makes us. And it is what attracts us to others. Have you ever felt instantly attracted to someone or feel you have known them all your life? You probably have or your soul has. It's not all chemical I'm sure.

If you compare the horoscopes of such people they usually have very close planetary contacts between them, like their Sun and Moon making harmonious aspect to each other, or conversely, if you meet someone you instantly dislike, it's the same reason only from negative aspects of planets like Pluto and Mars in square or opposition to each other. Or Saturn in one chart will tend to chill out the person with personal planets squaring or opposing it. That is why Astrology has often been used for matchmaking.

And there are techniques, like the composite chart, that will show how the personality of the relationship will gel as a unit and will relate to various aspects of life. In other words for example, the First House of the composite chart will show the type of personality these two people, as a team, will have when relating to the rest of the world.


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