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I'm so excited to have found this site that I forgot to introduce myself. lol
I am usually nervous when I meet new people face-to-face so this platform is a good place for me to be myself and remember who I really am. I'm still somewhat in the broom closet publically/socially because most people I meet either don't understand and have no interest in learning or already have negative opinions about Paganism in general. My personality is not a forceful one but neither is it submissive.
I simply wish to teach where I can and learn what I don't already know. I look farward to communicating with everyone.
With Bright Blessings,

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Hi! Nice to meet you. Love the gif, thank you. Inside Out is one of my favorite movies. :D

Never seen the movie, I just thought the gif is cute. But I'm glad I found something you really like.

Thanks. I'm a bit of an animated movie buff.

So far I like the whole site. Lots of good information here too.

I'm currently browsing through the forum posts trying to decide which ones to read first.

Sounds cool. So far this site survived.

Hello Avia, Welcome to Pagan Space.

Thank you very much. :=)

Welcome to PS. I hope you enjoy your stay :).

Thanks hon. Day #2 and I already feel at home here. :)

Welcome Avia. As someone who juggles multiple closets, I sympathize. I know it’s annoying having to always keep that shield of invisibility up. It’s especially hard when you’re actively studying a subject you can’t talk about because no one can know you’re looking into it. I have neighbors who if they knew what was in my library would cause trouble for me and would not hesitate to burn my books and myself if the law let them do so. Despite our social advances, things are still far from safe, out there. However, you're among open minded friends here.

Thank you. Your words of encouragement are deeply appreciated.

You're right. I have no one that I can really talk to about my beliefs. My husband knows my religion of choice and accepts it, but he follows a different belief system and is fully immersed in his own path.


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