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I've read in one of my Wicca books that's it's good to call the Goddess/God into your circle when doing spell work. 

What confused me is it said you can opt to call the quarters or not for this.

Can anyone help me understand this?

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When casting a circle, some people set them up by calling the quarters - the four cardinal directions and their corresponding elements (North/Earth, etc.).

Hello , Brandi :

This will start you off , but keep researching :

Understand , not only are there the different methods ,

of Ceremonial Magic and Wicca / Witchcraft , there are

the differences depending on individual tradition , as far

as correspondences...

A basic encyclopedia was written by Raven Gramassi ,

who though he has his detractors has a lot of great info...

This has info on common rituals and practices...

Then , one must also still take into account differences by tradition ,

such as in my Tradition , where this is our way :

North : Black Water

East : Yellow Air

South : White Fire

West : Red Earth

Also , remember , when you are casting a circle , you are

actually creating the boundary of a dimensional sphere

around you , not *just* a circle...

Hope this helps , and remember...this is just a beginning...;)

Calling the quarters is something you do right after casting the magic circle. You call on the elements of each cardinal direction to watch and protect the circle during your ritual. Go clockwise from East to North, drawing a pentagram in the air with either you finger, your wand, or your athame at each quarter saying something like "Guardians of the watchtowers of the East, I summon you now to witness this rite and guard this circle" and so on with each direction. When you finish your ritual, before you open the circle, release them counterclockwise from north to east by drawing an equal armed cross with your finger with words of thanks and farewell.


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