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I've read in one of my Wicca books that's it's good to call the Goddess/God into your circle when doing spell work. 

What confused me is it said you can opt to call the quarters or not for this.

Can anyone help me understand this?

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Are we maybe mixing hyperborea with fairy realm? I dunno.

What tradition do you follow ?

I use fairy tradition eclectically incorporating some runic, some Qhabballah, and some occult. It's a work in progress. I've not seen a complete fairy theory yet though. Does that satisfy your question? It's also part of why I like you so much. =p

Yes , quite the satisfactory answer my friend...;)

Love you too , !

( one of these days , my book may come out with the full system )

Well, I'll be one of your first critics. =p

There are two ways to look at this.

If you call the quarters first, what are you calling them to?  If there is no circle set up they come to an empty are which is awquard somewhat considering they are protecting the circle...  so, a bit like calling them to the table without chairs to sit on.
On the other hand, if  you call the quarters after the casting of the circle, what happens if they don't come?

I think the tradition you are working dictates the way you do this.

When I was practicing as a traditional witch rather than as a specific Wiccan, we chose to do this in a variable way.
Some times we would pinch the Gardnerian or Alexandrian way but most often than not, we wouldn't call "quarters" but, Winds or elements, and instead of casting a circle, we used a broom to just sweep a space or flowers to anoint the space.
There are no hard and fast rules when you are pinching ideas from all sides as any way can work.  So you have do it either, as your tradition dictates, or what feels best to you.  In all cases it's not what you do, but that the ritual and magic flows.

I think what I was failing to explain was that I was taught that calling the quarters is an initial part of the circle casting process. I know there are a great many variances on circle casting and I'm not trying to argue a point. That's all I meant to convey. I guess the difference in what I'm saying is; do you call quarters for creation of the circle or to invite guests after?

Well this is funny ( haha / strange ) to me ;

I added this in the code I work with , Noah ,

thinking it would tell me which came first :

So here are the runes which I used , which

equal 994 ( the number boundary I shall use

for asking the question / writing formula )

Now step by step , holding the question in my mind ,

I add a "formula" , making it as simple as I can :

"Cast Circle First" ;

Cast = 90

Circle = 317

First = 557

= 964

Now , we have this equation :

994 - 964 = 30 ;

Now , 30 equals ;

It Will Be / Edict = 30

But it does not sound right to me as a phrase ;

So , I am going to slightly change the phrase ,

knowing what I know in gematria and code ;

I Am = 21

Casting = 99

Circle = 317

First = 557

= 994

Okay , now I have a "working formula" , which

suggests casting the circle first , yet , it would

be irresponsible and lazy of me not to check further ;

So , in my mind , while "listening" I received the next

formula phrasing : "then call quarters" , which I thought

would not work as well , or add in a satisfactorily way ;

Then = 8

Call = 81 ( Gods = 81 )

Four = 278

Quarters = 567

= 934

Hmmm...doen't quite add up...*yet* ,

if I add the *who* is doing this action :

I , Myself = 61

( 934 + 61 = 995 )

Now we have a quandary , because we

do use 1988 , as a boundary in the code ;

1988 = ( 994 x 2 )

And thus :

I Am Casting Circle First Then I Four Call Quarters

has as much validity as :

I Call Four Quarters First Then I Am Casting Circle

( Who Said The Gods Are Crazy ? )

Haha, that's great Shawn. So, it basically works either way? Back to the drawing board I guess. =p

Very thorough , and ceremonial in structure , Who...

Thank you for that gift of knowledge , from your Tradition...

I am sure you "felt" it as you wrote it...

Interestingly , for me ;

Just for "the hell of it" I checked something unfamiliar to me ,

and it adds in the code , specifically :

Our two double eight columns I posted  in this thread , have

values for one of 603 , the other 391 ;

To Go Round In A Circle = 41


Circle = 317

Center = 32

= 390

( That I Know / Knew )

Maiden = 60

Holds = 47

Circle = 317

Besom = 180 ( Lens = 180 )

= 604


Then Just To Show Something


I = 61

Go Round In A Circle = 41

Doesil = 211

And = 44

Widdershins = 637

= 994

( sum of two columns of eight runes )


And though perhaps you , or your coven do not do this :

Perfect = 440

Love = 13

Perfect = 440

Trust = 102

= 995

( The Old Entering The Circle Answer )


Without going into it deeply

I shall say :

"I Am Walking Over Sword Into Circle"


As well adds to one of our arrangements ,

and is the arrangement opposite the runes

which make the shape of the sword

and add to



Calling quarters in a way of consecrating your Space before calling down any deities. It can be used to honor the elements, dragons, watchtowers, or any combination of beings that you find an affinity towards. Many paths adhere to the idea that the witch in and of themselves is both the circle and its center so whether or not you feel drawn to quarter calling...well that's up to you. If it's a god/dess form you are not familiar with it's always a good idea to set up your circle as a precaution. If you are calling in one you are on good terms with I think it comes down to whatever feels right. 


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