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i know that everyone heart is affiliated with an element, fire,water,earth,air and spirit. and each element breaks down into groups, fire has flame and lightning, water has rain and snow, earth has stone and wood, air has wind and weather, and spirit is easily conecting with the spiritual (counldnt think of a better word). mine is water, but im begining to think everyone has a second element buried in their heart. and if so, i think mine is coming out earth. anyone else feel this? and whats your element if you dont mind?

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i mean heart in nature the element scope. everything else is at its peak or under control. what your element if you dont mind?
i didnt know you can freely change so easily
I am Air, but in magick one strives to be mutualy close to "all" of the elements. I mean that even though I'm Air, I can stand just as strong in any of the quarters of a circle, feeling whole with all of the elements.
well, i had it given to me when i was in Salem by a gypsie fortunteller, its ligit, she wasnt lying or conning, she rambled off my qualities,thoughts,downsides, i was shocked. then i did the cliche quizila test, my lil bro forced me, and each one said the same thing. ive been checking my star chart, a kinda self test, ive grown even higher in water and some in earth but fire has had a major drawback.
maybe i was thinking to small a piece and not the whole. thank you, im ganna look into this. now the only question is what goes into a heart
hmm... i was thinking on that it includes on my emotions and life based on the qualities associated
Sure! I think we all have portions of every element, but are dominated by one in particular.
mine is fire but i have earth coming out of me to
I believe that everyone can connect with all the elements but that some have dominant elements. I personaly was born smack dab in the middle of leo, a fire sign and a cat. Water and dogs help me to feel balanced. The magical tools I use most often, crystals and herbs, are of the earth.


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