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Can souls be split in half?as read about my friend Halry and her

Anyone who has read my recent status and discussion posts has read about my friend Haley and her son Alex.

Strangely enough when he is here alone with me he has almost no energy whatever,but when his Mom is here too, his energy is so high its like a child that gets hyper because of a sugar high from too much candy.

When he is unable to see his Mom because she does not have enough gas to go back and forth, or when she was just asking me to watch him while at work and she called to ask if he could stay the night he would scream and yell and get mad.

awhile back I came up with a wild theory to explain the actions he takes when she can't take him home and his lack of energy when she is not here and his mental conditions.

I believe when he was forming
in the womb his soul did not form
completely as a result part of his
Mothers soul combined with his
to complete his soul and the part
that was her ability to Love someone
in a pure complete way became his
keeping the part that was her ability to
defend,protect,be angry and aggressive.

Thus his hugging,and kissing me every few minutes and her always being angry and overly aggressive.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing before? his Mother is fond of saying that his Di-George syndrome has never allowed anyone to survive beyond the age of 5 and she has kept him alive for 19 years.

I think my theory could explain why he is still alive but I never heard any lore about it before.

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I’ve never heard of splitting a soul in half but I’ve heard of multiple souls in each human body, three or more. It is an Ancient Aztec belief that we all have three souls. One resides in the brain and controls reason and logic. One resides in the heart and controls love and compassion. One resides in the liver and controls anger and aggression.

Then you have your nagual or animal souls that can be singular or plural.

Perhaps, rather than splitting a soul they are sharing souls. One or more of their souls are moving between bodies.

Just some more food for thought and interesting musings.

thanks for the reply,by the way,I was on AZUREGREEN.NET looking at tapestries and saw their goddess cerridwen tapestry I did not see a silver or gold belt but the rest almost fit your description exactly.

hair was a reddish brown on it tho

The human body is a composite creature made up of thousands of smaller living creatures not all of which even carry the host body’s DNA. Like the body, the human mind is also a composite creature—an eco-system—and historically it is well known that the spiritual part of a person contains multiple parts—multiple “souls”.  Could you split off a portion of one of these? There is a tradition of Shamanic recovery of the soul which theorizes that a portion of the soul is lost of missing, and a Shaman undertakes a journey into the spirit world to find and return the lost portion. You might consider it like losing a body part though spirit structures are not as rigid in construction as physical body parts.

I’m not a doctor, but the situation with Alex sounds more like Autism. An autistic person is just as smart, or smarter than everyone else, but they suffer from sensory overload. The brain can’t regulate sensory input so everything: sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste, hits them at full volume all the time. It’s possible that his mother is “loud” so he’s disturbed by her presence and calmer when the environment is quiet. Additionally, autistic children have a hard time communicating so they panic when things change, and they don’t understand why. He expects his mother to pick him up, and when she doesn’t he has a meltdown which is the equivalent of a panic attack. For the child it feels like a life or death situation and they can retreat or become combative.

Autistic children often have other problems as well so the Di-George syndrome might be part of his overall condition with autism on the side.

Apparently, a large percentage of Di-George syndrome children have autism as well. The actual number seems be in dispute.

I understand what your saying but Alex is more like a puppy than an Autistic child. when his Mom is around he can't stay in one spot. like a puppy that needs love and attention he gets overly excited and hyper, wanting to be close to her or me and his wandering around makes him get in the way, he does not listen to anyone unless they yell at him. when someone answers him with a no he asks the same thing again every time.

Autistic kids as you say are often more intelligent than most Alex can not even wipe or wash his butt himself.

he is like a 2 year old in a 19 year old body. he was literally kicked out of school
classes and Haley had to fight the system to get them to let him graduate, I tutored him.myself, He did not even want to try to do school work I had to push to get him to do any of it. But at least he graduated.

Depending on the level of impairment, autism can make someone completely unable to learn as they cannot focus on anything so you can get the 2 year old in a 19 year old body who has 2 year old like tantrums when they can't get their way. My neighbors down the street have a 20-something year old autistic boy who is dangerous to be around when he gets frustrated, and really can't take care of himself at all. Because they can't communicate they can't understand that they need to learn something, and learning is very hard so they just become stubborn and dependent. It's sort of the Helen Keller attitude before Anne Sullivan. The child alternates between being helpless and being the terror of the house.

You know that last comparison is more apt than you might think. Helen Keller was blind and deaf. While severely autistic children are not blind and deaf, they might as well be since they cannot process the sensory input from their sight and hearing. They can't make sense of what they're seeing and hearing--it's just a jumble. That's why autistic kids are often taught sign language just like a deaf person. 

In my limited understanding shamans sometimes offer something called the rites of Munay Ki for soul retrieval but I am not well versed in such matters so I may be speaking out of turn.  Just a suggestion of something maybe to look into, to further your understanding, perhaps?  Sorry if that's not what you need, unclear about these things, just a vague memory of something somebody once said to me years ago.


Think it's just a normal child reacting and acting out to separation from his mother.

Yes - there is such a thing as a 'Split Soul'....

There is a theory that was conceived by Plato ...(and many Text make reference to it) - that was called 'Two from One', Two of the same Soul -Twin Souls or Parallel Lives of the same Soul.

In Plato's, work 'The Symposium', it is said that when the human did find the other half of their Soul, there was this "unspoken connection that drew them together, and that together they would know unity and complete joy in every way" - and he adds also that these "twins who were apart find one another, they never again want to be separated".

He indicates the feeling is like a mystery, and cannot be easily explained or defined.

The dialogue gears to the understanding that two people who derive from the same Soul, and who incarnate at the same time, as "splits" are seen as two appendages of the shared Soul..  This 'Two of the same Soul' has the ability of the original Soul to express more than one appendage at a time into physical incarnation as per above example - Mother and Child....

This type of split incarnation, in which a Soul is involved with a pregnancy while it animates a living person at the same time is not unknown....

Some refer this energy to that of the 'Twin Flames' although I do not quite see it as that, others compare it to 'Soul Love/Soul Mates' again it is not the same - from what I understand the later two are on very different levels and Spiritual foundations.

Having written a whole Treatise on Souls - the Plato definition is far more plausible.....and even in considering the medical side of the concerns - I respect the fact that you shared the that the Spirit Soul could be recognised for what it is....a Twin Soul.


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