I want to know if its possible to believe in Satan but not God.

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 Most Satanists have a problem with reverse Christians, as it tends to be the reverse-Christian types that create the stereotypical view (usually involving inverted crosses, black metal, and constant railing against Jesus and his angels. kind of like the Joy of Satan) of what Satanism is/can be. I think that reverse Christians can make it harder for those of us within the satanic scene who aren't reverse Christian...

Wait, hang on.  How are you personally defining a 'Reversed Christian'?  I'd say, just because an individual believes in a literal Satan, makes them no less a Satanist (no more a Satanist either if they don't get it).

 I'm just referring to what I see a lot Satanists of the more atheistic bent(usually the majority from my experience) railing against in various forums and blogs across the internet. I don't think it makes them not a Satanist, it just seems to bother a lot of Satanists that subscribe to a more non judeo-christian paradigm. 

I'll answer the question of the OP with a question.  Can you believe in God and not Satan?

I think the answer to both questions is the same.  There isn't a simple yes or no answer.  It all just depends.  It depends on what your belief system is and how you define either figure.

I think Satan is just a term used by Christians or other religions against those who do not support their indoctrination. Therefore Lucifer being the shining one or the one who brings light upon those who seek. That's my way of looking at it. If I look at the story of Enlil and Enki, What I get from it for myself is that Enki is the savior of mankind, He is Lucifer. He gave knowledge to man and saved man from being enslaved from the ignorant state in which we were put in due to his brother Enlil Or Jehovah. I see it as a story of Good and Evil. I don't imagine that there is an all powerful God out there watching us because something would have had to create the creator and that's illogical. I think Satanism is just a way of expressing one right to be and exist however they choose to. Using your own personal power and freedom and your own free will which is our " "God" given birth right". I believe there is an energy or current in which we connect to and draw from whether we call it God/Universe/Force/Mother in which it is unlimited and can not be named. This is just my own opinion and beliefs I thought I would share with this topic. Thanks. Hope this helps in any and some way.

Also honestly in my opinion, I believe satan and Lucifer are one in the same for the fact that satan is a label for anyone whose beliefs aren't Christianic or of todays world religions. Lucifer represents every bit of that and allows us our individual freedom through knowledge.


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