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I want to know if its possible to believe in Satan but not God.

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Do you?

No, I enjoy Christian Mythology extensively, adore their symbolism, their concepts of good and evil, but I do not believe in them...

Very similar to my feelings of pantheons of Greeks, Romans, etc, etc. I personally think the concept of 'God/Gods' from mortal perspective is flawed and disconnected from the actual possibility of what 'divine beings' could logically be.

I think if any system of thought could accurately come up with such a process is the Scientific community, unfortunately they are often too uninterested in spirituality, or too devout to explore such concepts.

Sure, you can whatever you want to.

I don't believe in God or the Devil, so I'm never disappointed by them.

I feel as though he has chosen me . In my eyes he is the opposite of deceiving :)
I haven't read either testament tbh. Thank you :)

Satan is the god of knowledge and a study of the christian bible shows that the god of the bible was the evil one- it was that god of  Israel that was violent and demanded blood sacrifice. And to answer your original question of course you can believe in Satan and not in any other god...  

Thankyou, is there a specific name for it?

I don't see an issue personally with you believing in Satan and not God, um you are refering to the Abrahamic god here aren't you? If not, make that a little g OK.

I have my personal thoughts about how the devil came about and it really doesn't have much to do with the Abrahamic God. So sure why not. It is after all your choice what to believe.

im talking about the god everyone seems to believe in. And okay little g :)

What do you believe to be proper information Rob?

Define "everyone"


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