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Can you help my town - some notes on paranormal activity in Wellsville - Please read

Hello, my name is Elisabeth Joy Cartwright and I am a long term abductee. I have been living in the Wellsville, NY area on and off for over three years. Basically I would like to tell you about some of the experiences that I have had in and around the Wellsville area. Some are good and some are bad but I would say that I am being attacked psychically by thought forms a good percentage of the time. I attend a counseling center here in Wellsville called PROS about three times a week. I am picked up by bus near my house or my boyfriends house every morning around 8:30. Around 2 hours before I have to go in the morning, a force full of voices usually enters my home and starts to penetrate my mind in order to run my morning. I am very used to them so at times I may joke with them but I really feel like they are violating my privacy. They enter the house through the doors and walls and seem to have no regard for windows or other means of coming in. They usually pester my to get out of bed and to my appointments but entering my body in a very sloppy and heavy weight manner. I usually have difficulty bending over and walking to the bus in the morning. On the road to get picked up I usually see space distortions like black streaks on the pavement and weird sounds and movements. The "person" usually claims to be my dead relatives or childhood church associates trying to pay off some strange debt from a game to arrange and decorate houses or "something". If a car or bus passes me it usually hurls sounds at me. On the porch at my boyfriends home the chairs usually have visible and non visible "people" waiting to sit in me to listen to the way I telepathically speak with my friends. I am really at a loss about this because these "people" never seem at all interested in what me or my friends have to say either verbally or by mind. Each morning on the bus a "spirit" enters their faces and "talks" about its various complaints of the day or hour. If I could in some way separate it from all the people in this town I would spank it and possibly put it to sleep , when I was a kindergardner I had an experience where a force entered me on the school bus and shocked me when I was starting to speak with ESP or telepathy and I didn't use it for over ten years I guess that is why I think that way. At PROS my counseling center, I generally have difficulty going through the security doors , it feels like walking through sticky paste a lot of the time. A really bossy younger teacher like " person" usually leaves herself there to chide me about the fact that I cant walk fast enough to get away from her and her "friends' Unfortunately I haven't been able to drive in over 10 years. All of my teachers there in my group classes read my mind and generally make a point to discuss extremely emberessing details of my and my fellow students lives in front of us. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that when it first started happening we responded aggressively both mentally and physically but over the years we have grown apathetic about it because most of depend on their services. My psychiatrist also hears or senses what I have been thinking about my meds before I get there and usually  hurries me through appointments which makes me feel very insecure about my every day life. If I am "rude' or try to get rid of the presence during the night or day before - by magical means, arguing with it or asking for help ( that one really gets it mad) it will "walk" through the air in the hallways of my counseling center and run in to me aggressively for months or hours... What is really pathetic about it is that is constantly dropping itself all over buildings, houses and people around me but it never seems to be able to turn itself into anything with a concentrated mind or force. 
     Another thing it loves to do is follow me around the streets of my town, popping out of me to take potshots at other entities it "
sees" and the citizens of my town. I suppose I feel guilty or sad that  it uses me in that way but there is no way to stop it as it literally lays over the town and the skies here. Mostly it takes the attitude and form of an overweight , disgruntled middle class worker, not very pretty with not much of a life that loves to pretend that it doesn't know what it is doing. It knows that I really respect what I call real dead which means beings that have died and been buried and usually have a specific plan of action or a message to carry and when I do try to reach out to them it will sometimes lay itself all over my life for days or months. Sometimes when it is around me a lose my memory at random times , its always when I am thinking about something important to me unfortunately. Sometimes it will make peoples legs and arms move awkwardly near me and out of the bus windows and say it some kind of power over them . I have seen it do that for years it looks awkward and stupid to me but it must get some kind of perverted pleasure from it. At one time while living here I believed that god was looking down on us and it seemed to make the creature more stable but its been sometime since there was any order in the sky over our town.
   Also , the thing has an obsession with calling itself PAN, I believe that my true father is SATAN and a grey and I have believed that an known if for some time. I believe that PAN is a weak and selfish being that covertly works for god and uses people for frivolous uses and I generally hate the name or anything associated with it . I have told the creature REPEATEDLY that pan is a male devil or deity of sorts and spent years of my life discussing it , visualizing it and reading about it with this "person" and it still keeps stumbling around pretending its that creature. I keep informing it that It is very dangerous for it to pretend it is Satan, God or Pan however its nature is very childish and doesn't really take much advice.
   It has been many years since I have had sexual relations without it there, if I have any thoughts about sex which I do quite often, it will jump into my body and literally prod my conscious mind and my boyfriends mind until we have sex with it.  Another thing that happens around here a lot is that the cars patrol the streets looking for myself as well as others to read minds and get into our conversations. They do this in a very sloppy and painful way that would probably kill us if we weren't essentially living in a spaceship. I really feel that most of us are extremely tired of this "person" or "persons" and would like them to move to another area. I would love to participate in your studies please let me know if I will be a fit for them.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my village.

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"Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my village."

Your welcome Elisabeth.

Though it is a painful situation for you, you seem to have a loose grasp and are aware of your emotions and thoughts caused by the experience.

Are you taking any medication right now to help deal with these strange episodes plaguing your village and you?

What advice have the counselors at PROS given in relation to these unusual experiences you have been having?

I'm sorry that I have not offered you any specific solutions. It would be very grievous of me to steer you in the wrong direction.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Thanks for replying, I am taking meds, Gabopentin, Strattera and Anti Depressents. I wish I could get some xanax or klonopin but its really hard to get in this town unfortunately. I joined a gym yesterday and I am trying to work out every day, hoping that will help. But thanks for the help. The pans around here are REAL STALKERS :(


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